Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentines_Day_Card1 Valentines_Day_Candy_Card

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow, dear Readers!

Today I’m going to help out with Princess Buttercup’s class party. She made her own Valentine’s card box for the party.  I helped a little bit with wrapping it in white butcher paper.  

Then she dipped the back of her fists in acrylic paint to decorate the box with hand-print hearts.  It kinda worked.  We had to use our fingers to fill in the hearts and make it look more heart-shaped.

Anyway, I have all of these vintage Valentine’s Day cards that I found in a box of things that I won at an auction in Tennessee.  They are circa 1956.

Hope you enjoy them and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

kitten_valentine_card1 kitten_valentine_card2
Valentine_with_Love1 Valentine_with_Love2
Valentine_wishes2 Valentine_wishes1