The Twickenham Historical District

potted_flowersThe first time I’d heard the name Twickenham, I thought it sounded like “Twinkie,” and I had laughed and laughed.  I had recently moved to Huntsville as a single, in search of a teaching job, and one of my college buddies had invited me to worship with her and her husband at Twickenham Church of Christ.  I, of course, had heard of London (duh) but not of Twickenham.

So Huntsville, Alabama has it’s own Twickenham Historical District that I love to walk through.  They have a walking tour that I need to take with Princess Buttercup this summer, and every Christmas I just get too busy to go on their “Spirit of Christmas Past Homes Tour” with luminaries.  One year they even had bagpipes, and one of my flautist friends also played there at Christmas.  Really, next year I need to schedule in time to go!!

According to their web site, The Twickenham Historical District Walking Tour, Twickenham is “Alabama’s largest antebellum district [consisting of] Federal, Italianate and classical architecture…”  The Weeden House was built in 1819, and is “Alabama’s oldest house open to public.”

The pictures that I took the other day give you a little idea of what I love so much about the Twickenham Historical District.

Church of the Nativity, Episcopal

Church of the Nativity, Episcopal