Tornadoes and Sinuses

Hey, Everyone,

I’ll try to post tomorrow. I’ve got some sinus infection that plagues me in the spring, and we’ve got tornado warnings swirling everywhere. Two things that we get in the spring here in Alabama when the weather starts warming: tornadoes and sinus infections.


Waitin’ out the Storm

Well, here we are again. Waiting out another storm that’s typical of the Tennessee Valley.

It’s been one of those days and nights that we watch the Weather Channel and click on NOAA to see if those crazy yellows and reds are going to sweep in from the west on our weather map.

I wonder what it feels like to live somewhere that isn’t as prone to tornadoes. What does it feel like to not have to run and hide like a rabbit when bad weather comes around?

Today, in north Alabama, it was almost 70 degrees! Really?! It’s supposed to be winter time!

Well, you can’t do anything about the weather, so I guess we’ll hunker down and hope that we don’t have to sleep in our street clothes…or, rather, hope to sleep at all.

It’s no fun knowing that you have to guard the night against weather like a sentinel guards against a human attacker.

Tornado Frenzy

Limbs down from April 2014 tornado.

Limbs down from April 2014 tornado.

As you can well imagine, the whole tornado thing freaks people out. It seems ridiculous to run and hide in a hole like a groundhog when the weather goes berserk. But that’s exactly what everyone has to do when there’s a twister threat.

On Monday, Princess Buttercup’s school let out early. I was planning to try to make Gina Homolka’s yummy-looking chicken quesadillas ( for dinner that night, so I stopped off by Publix. Besides, I was out of milk and bread for the next day. Publix is one of my favorite stores because it’s so clean, organized, the employees help you out and are friendly, and it’s so much easier to get in and out of than, say, Walmart.

Well, Princess Buttercup nearly got run over with other peoples’ shopping carts twice. No one said the typical “‘Scuse me.” It was not totally crazy, but for Publix, it was crazy. (You mommies out there know what I mean!) I was so thankful that I got my child and I safely into the car to drive home. I mean, who nearly runs over a child with a shopping cart?! Okay, I’ll get off that one.

So Princess Buttercup keeps an eye on the Weather Channel and Lefty’s tablet and keeps me informed. We start getting nervous around 3:30. For some reason, I had it in my mind that this one was going to be the one. I mean, in 2011, the tornado sucked houses from their foundations…1/2 mile to the south of us. In 2012, it came 1/2 mile to the north of us. I mean, seriously!! How many times can we knock on wood before the wood is blown to Georgia?

I started packing photos in a backpack. Buttercup starts packing her favorite toys. I was starved because I really hadn’t had anymore than toast for breakfast and a peanut butter sammie for lunch. So I start cooking the chicken for the quesadillas. I really do try to stay calm for Buttercup’s sake. The cooking gave me something to do. So I’m snipping up basil from my kitchen herb pots and flinging salt, pepper, garlic, and who knows what other spices onto that chick.

Lefty came home, which was wonderful. Then Lefty (who was keeping an eye on our local station–along with Buttercup) said that it was time that we went to the shelter.


I was still starving. I grabbed a metal bowl from the cabinet and tossed the chicken into it. I covered it all up with foil and put it into a plastic bag with some cans of soda. One way or another, I was going to eat that night! Lefty put the dogs in their crates and put them into the car.

Here we go.

The local church has a big basement, but it was super crowded when we got there. Lefty tried to take the puppy and Snuggles out on leashes, but Snuggles took off across the parking lot. Gasp!


The church was too crowded, so we all jammed back into the car and headed to Lefty’s brother’s safe room (in his house.) We should have gone to start with, but we didn’t want to crowd them with our pups.

So we (dogs and all) got there safely and were able to take deep breaths. Lefty’s brother returned thanks (said the blessing), and I passed around my bowl of chicken to whomever wanted to take a piece. It was kind of spicy but m-m-m good!

We were there about 2 hours before it was time to come out of hiding.

We’re thinking of adding a safe room to our house, now!

We are really thankful that we’re okay, that there weren’t many casualties, and that this was not the one for us. Our thoughts and prayers go out to those who were affected by the tornadoes.

Check out this little "safe house" that I found driving from town.

Check out this little “safe house” that I found driving from town.