Spring at the Cabin

Hi Everyone, it’s spring at the cabin…or at least it feels that way. For the last day of spring break, Lefty, Princess Buttercup, and I went to the cabin to enjoy the great outdoors.

farm life

Barn from hillside.

We roasted hot dogs over a camp fire, Lefty grilled for lunch, and then we just hung out and explored.

I went to the “mountaintop”–actually it’s probably more like a ridge–and practiced taking photos with my Nikon D7000. I tried several lens, and worked on aperture, ISO, and shutter speed.

It’s so much fun to visit the southern part of Tennessee. There are lots of barns, farmhouses, and pretty landscapes.

What do you think?


thorn bush with flowers

Can anyone identify this thorn bush?


The “waterfall.”

forest hillside

Hillside forest.

wild violet

Wild violet shot with macro lens.

bare tree

Bare tree on top of mountain.

can you identify this shrub

Another unidentified shrub.

small farmhouse

Little farmhouse on the way home.

large Tennessee farmhouse

Big farmhouse on the way home!

So, which photos are your favorites? I really like the rusted tin roof of that one barn, the waterfall, and the pretty wild violet…and always the beautiful blue sky!