Last-minute Shopping, and Heavy-weight Wrapping Paper


This morning while Princess Buttercup was in a class, I hurried in to a new store in Madison, Alabama called NEST Décor. I had to buy an ornament (or the like) under $10 for our church ladies’ ornament exchange Monday evening.  (Which will be lots of fun, as we play “Dirty Santa” and munch on Christmas treats!)


I won’t tell you what I bought, since (hopefully) some of my blog followers will be attending!


Anyhow, you definitely need to stop by NEST Décor, cuz I found something really cute there, and they’ve got lots of lovely last-minute Christmas (and other days of the week) décor. All of the Christmas décor photos on this page, in fact, came from NEST Décor.

While, you’re at it, I found some truly heavy-weight wrapping paper. Those of you who have a lot of presents to wrap know what I’m talking about. It’s nutty how some of the big box stores write “heavy-weight” on their paper-thin wrapping paper.


But today, dear Readers, I found some at T.J. Maxx that was really heavy-weight. WTG T.J. Maxx !

I will be sending a missive to both T.J. Maxx and the big box stores. One will be a “thankyouthankyouthankyou!” note, and one will be a “fire your marketing guys” note.  Not that I’d really want the marketing writer fired…that wouldn’t be nice, now would it?