No Resolutions in 2017!

Don’t get me wrong.

I’m all for bettering oneself in life.

I just don’t plan to set myself up for failure in 2017.

With all the new projects that I’ve got in mind for 2017, I’d rather just do the best I can and ask for grace for the remainder.


Keeping it real…I really don’t think my house will turn into a Pin-perfect home in 2017.

Ray Williams confirms my reasoning in his Psychology Today post from 2010, “Why New Year’s Resolutions Fail.” He cites John Norcross from the Journal of Clinical Psychology, who says that something like 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions. The resolutions include the usual: dieting, working out, stop smoking, and whatever. According to Williams, Dr. Avya Sharma (of Canadian Obesity Network) says that people set unrealistic goals and expectations. Peter Herman et all coined, “false hope syndrome.”

Here’s why I call myself a “regular gal.” I’m just guessing no one will want to Pin my kitchen! 😉

So here are my 7 tips on successful New Year’s resolutions: (Based on Mr. William’s article.)

  1. One at a time. Instead of making a whole list of resolutions, maybe we can focus on just one thing.
  2. Make them realistic. We probably won’t each lose 25 pounds in a month.
  3. Baby steps. Okay, so this is my idea. “The ‘Burbs” is one of my favorite flicks! (Wait, oops…that’s on Mr. William’s list for #4!!!)
  4. Make it a year-long goal. Again, you have to be realistic. I don’t know, maybe we could challenge each other to walk at least 30 minutes a week as a good start?
  5. Accountability! Get a friend, spouse, or child to hold you accountable.
  6. One day at a time. If I think of walking 30 minutes a day for the rest of my life, I’m like, “Ughhhhhhhhh.” Again…small changes!
  7. If you’ve read this far, please know that I love you, love you, love you!!! You are truly a loyal Reader. Happy New Year!

Regular Girl, Part Deux: No fancy parties planned for the Robertsons this evening. I’ll probably be in my cozy corner reading a book while hanging out with Lefty, Princess Buttercup, and our two doggies.


Packing up Christmas Stuff and Avoiding the Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas_decorations.jpgIt’s that time of year when I have to pack our Christmas stuff away after having it out only about three or four weeks.

After all the presents are unwrapped and we’re heading into New Year’s Day, I typically get a big wash of post-Christmas blues.

No fun.


The bare, naked Christmas tree.

But over the years I’ve found a way to minimize the blues.

I find that if I invite kids over while I’m un-decorating (dis-decorating??) the tree, things are a lot more festive.

Yesterday, we invited a sweet friend over to hang out with Princess Buttercup while I took down the ornaments from the tree.

Her mom stayed a couple of hours and we talked over coffee and caught up on each other’s lives while the girls played. When the mom left to go run errands, I took down the ornaments and enjoyed shrieks of laughter and the sounds of girlish gab.

It made me happy.


No worries, I’ll get to bring all of these out next year!

Welcome 2015!

Cute doggy noise-maker.

Cute doggy noise-maker.

Hi Readers!

I found all of these vintage New Year’s memorabilia on eBay and thought you would enjoy the pics.

Happy New Year, and thanks to all of the sellers who let me use their pictures. I promised them all that I would link back to their stores in exchange for me using their photos.

January Angel.

January Angel.

What a new year without noise-makers!

What a new year without noise-makers!

eBay sources:

January Angel is sold by amaz909 at

It’s a little past Christmas, but I couldn’t resist adding these cute little winter animals from

January doggy is no longer for sale, but I got him from landscapephotog at landscapephotog has a cool, vintage Tasmanian Devil that you should go see.

counterfeiterjoe sells vintage noise-makers and other cool stuff at

Cute Christmas Animals.

Cute Christmas Animals.

Pneumonia for New Years?

Bronchitis for Christmas and pneumonia for New Years? Fortunately, I got clean chest x-rays when I returned to the doc on Monday. So it’s Bronchitis, Part II for me. Not a fun way to spend Christmas break.

Vintage Vicks Formula 44 bottle.

Vintage Vicks Formula 44

At least it’s not the flu. A local, home-operated pharmacist told me today that he had ordered $60,000 worth of Tami-flu for the season, and he is nearly out! The flu is rampant around here!

I got these cough syrup pictures from a couple of super-nice sellers on eBay. Thanks so much, sellers!

Princess Buttercup has busied herself with playing with her Christmas toys, and Lefty is all good watching football.

So, from our family to yours, Happy New Year! See you in 2015!

Courtesy of mfprincess89 at

Courtesy of Sarah at

Vintage Vicks Formula 44-D bottle.

Vintage Vicks Formula 44-D bottle.