Fading Fast


Today’s giveaway is Southern Accents Architectural Antiques swag. Woot! Woot!

Hello, Dear Readers,


My little WordPress sign tells me that I only have 19 days left on http://www.thewritesteph.com.

I’ll miss my first little blog, but I’ve got a “new and improved” one over at www.sweetgumlife.com.

Be sure to move yourself on over there so I can reach my goal of 500 followers in 2017.

I’m doing bunches of giveaways to (hopefully) keep all of you faithful friends.

Hope to see you there!




www.SweetgumLife.com February Blog Launch Extravaganza!

Dear Readers,

I proudly present our www.SweetgumLife.com February Blog Launch Extravaganza!

Every business day (Monday-Friday), you will have a chance to win wonderful prizes from some pretty amazing people!

Here’s how to win today’s $25 Fandango gift certificate that I purchased to launch www.SweetgumLife.com!

Please visit www.SweetgumLife.com, my new web site, to be a part of the contest.

I’ve not only got a new name and site, but now I also have the same name on Instagram and Facebook!

After several years of writing for www.thewritesteph.com, I’m going “self-hosted,” so I’ll only have theWriteSteph up for just a few more days. 🙂 Kinda sad, but upward and onward!

Live, Create, Southern??


Well, Dear Readers,

For a few weeks I’ve been working to come up with the name of a new blog that is more indicative of what I blog about.

Boy, is it ever hard work–branding, that is.

This afternoon, I took pages of word ideas and plugged them into www.panabee.com. I need something that I can use as an email address, blog name, biz name, and on social media.

Now I need a focus group (of course, I must have a focus group!!) to help me out with a name.

If you’d like to volunteer, please send me a quick nod, and I’ll send you a list.




P.S.: So, okay, I’ll write my list down here:

This Southern Cottage (except, I don’t live in a cottage…it’s a ranch!)

This Southern Day

This Dusty Trail

Sweet Gum Road (because we have a yard full of Sweet Gum trees!)

Sweet Gum Cottage (see “cottage” note, above)

Live Create Home

The Spazzy Southerner

The Creaky Hinge

Dogwoods and Doorknobs

This Red Clay (because Alabama’s soil is mostly red clay.)

Live Create Southern Home (too long??)

Southern Misc. (ugh! boring!)

Live Create Southern