Shelby’s Thanksgiving Intervention — A Short Story

Today I wrote a short story from a Thanksgiving writer’s prompt at Writer’s Digest:  Shelby’s Thanksgiving Intervention — Short Story.  I found the turkey craft here at “11 Best Turkey Crafts for Kids.”

Hope you enjoy!

Thanksgiving paper turkey craft
Shelby’s Thanksgiving Intervention
(Or, Now Who’s the Turkey??)

By: Stephanie L. Robertson

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year with its beautiful fall leaves and sumptuous feasting.  I was looking forward to another Thanksgiving feast à la Mom.

“We’ll just go ahead,” said my husband, Ben, as he stepped from the car and grabbed the hands of my two younger kids.

“Ouch, Dad, that hurts,” cried my seven-year-old, Wendy.

“Sh!” said Ben as he let go Wendy’s hand and pushed her and Pete inside Mom and Dad’s house without the usual courtesy of knocking.

“Now that was just weird,” I said to my older son, Jesse.  “Do you want to help me carry in one of the casseroles? Looks like Dad isn’t going to help.”

Jesse looked at me from the corner of his eyes.  His voice shook a little.  “Uh, Mom, I’ve got to go!”

Then he sprinted toward large brick house without a second glance.

I shrugged and juggled all three casserole dishes, shutting the hatch of our SUV with my left foot.

With the assortment of cars and trucks parked in the driveway, it looked as though all the family was there.

I teetered up the steps of the house and yelled through my parents’ heavy mahogany door, “Hey!  Can someone lend a hand?”

The door swung open.

The entire family was sitting in the living room, all eyes were on me.

But instead of a Thanksgiving turkey, there was a giant “Intervention” sign hanging across the mantle.

“Shelby,” said my mother quietly, “We’ve got to talk.”

I felt all three casserole dishes fall to the hardwood floor as I stared back in shock.

“Shelby, you have spent entirely too much time writing for that NANOWRIMO, to the detriment of your family,” said Ben.

“Instead of having Thanksgiving this year, we’re asking that you admit yourself to Writer’s Recovery in Tucson, Arizona,” said Dad.

“Shelby, we want you to come back to us—the way you used to be!” sobbed my sister, Jane.

“You’ll take a flight to Tucson and spend two weeks at the Three Points Resort and Spa for the duration of your recovery,” said my cousin Fred.  “The brochure says the resort features pool-side light therapy, Jungian horseback-riding counseling, and massage transaction analysis.”

Please, Shelby, we want you to come home completely intervened.  No work for two weeks, dear. We’re begging you.”

Shelby didn’t think twice.  “Okay.  I’m in!”

Thanksgiving text with fall letters: Now Who's the Turkey??

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A NaNoWriMo Winner!


I am soooooooooo excited! I finished my NaNoWriMo novel at approximately 1:15 p.m. CST, November 30, 2016!

I called my mom and am ready to celebrate. Mom wanted to know what happens next.

I said, “So, I’m going to put it aside and not pick it up again until after the new year.”

Really, that’s what I’m going to do. It’s a really rough, rough draft and I did have to put in some nonsense in it to help my word count along. Even the place-holder title is going to change, and I’m probably going to change the name of the characters.

My friend, Kim, helped me to come up with ideas and clues to help with the mystery. Thank you, KB!!!

The plan is to whip the draft into shape in 2017 and think about publishing it.  Because it really turned out better than what I imagined. I may join the Christian Writer’s Association to help out. If I can’t get an agent and all of that, I may just self-publish for ebooks. As Princess Buttercup says, “The future awaits.” In other words, I’ll cross that bridge later.

For now, I’m just so excited to have put down a story and added my name to the list of NaNoWriMo winners. I really do feel like a winner. Yahoooooo!




Last Days of NaNoWriMo & Counting Down!

Old_booksOhhhhhh! Dear Reader,
My fingers feel like they are about to fall off. I’m at 43k words on my NaNoWriMo book and have sunk to writing nonsense.

My novel is about a suburban wife, mother, career woman who suddenly goes missing late one night when going on a simple convenience store run.

When the case grows cold, her older sister desperately takes on the quest of finding out what happened.

I’m struggling with clues to solve the mysterious disappearance.

Per NaNoWriMo, writers are supposed to simply get the story down in 50k words to beat the deadline of December 1. It is a first draft (an ugly draft) that comes from 30 days of slapping an idea down on paper (or a keyboard, as the case may be.)

In the end, the writer has made a deadline, hacked out a novel (of sorts), and won the satisfaction of finally (finally!) doing what she/he has always dreamed: write a complete novel.

In addition, I’ve got 3 freelance articles to submit for December 1…I’m actually getting paid for those, so they’re a must-do!

So wish me good writing, dear Readers…

Got to run!


Random, irrelevant photo from past post that I thought looked cool. 😉


The Never-ending Blog and NaNoWriMo Procrastination


Letters taken from signs in Madison.

So I decided to take the plunge.


I am taking up the challenge to write a 50,000-word novel in one month, per NaNoWriMo: National Novel Writer’s Month.

Are any of you doing NaNoWriMo?

I started out amazing…plopping down about 2,000-3,000 words a day.

Here’s my premise: I want to write a good, clean (aka sans profanity, eye-shutting violence against women/children, and mentioning of naked body parts) novel that a mom can read and then pass down to her teenage daughter, like my mom used to do.

Mom introduced to me to my favorite novelist of all time: Victoria Holt.

Dear Readers, I am no Victoria Holt.

But I do try.

Do you do to procrastinate at an impending deadline?


Clock, Historical District, Madison, Alabama.

My goal is to write a suspense novel, my favorite genre. So I do say no violence against women/children…I just mean that no one is going to die horribly at the hands of a violent offender. But I’d never kill off a child. I’m a mom…I just could never do that.

Anyway, I’m babbling just a little bit. And I’m procrastinating even more.

Because I’m halfway through the novel, and this is hard!!! I can’t figure out what happens next.

Also, I’m procrastinating against freelance writing assignments that are due tomorrow!

But I had to do my Wednesday blog, right?

I may just keep writing this blog.

All of the photos were taken in Madison, Alabama’s historical district.





Note: All photographs are copyright 2016 by Stephanie L. Robertson. I don’t mind you sharing, but please link it back to my website or credit me for my work.