Pearls for Christmas

How about Pearls for Christmas this year?

Last Thursday, my In-Loves took me to Loretto, Tennessee to look for Pearls.  Pearls for the Home is a little home décor shop established back in November by Vickie Bosheers.  Vickie’s husband is a friend and colleague of my husband’s dad.

exterior of pearls shop

A Mighty Fine Welcome

Vickie gave us a big southern welcome and invited us to enjoy complimentary coffee and goodies.  While munching on  homemade cookies and  fudge, we browsed Vickie’s store’s shelves, stocked with dishes, candles, dish towels, Christmas ornaments, home accents, and gifts.  Many of Vickie’s products come from local artists.

Because both of Vickie’s grandmothers were named Pearl, Vickie named her shop after those great ladies.  In addition, Vickie says that pearls are the epitome of simple elegance. Simple elegance radiates throughout the shop and and outside with the simple mint green exterior paint teamed with the raw wood.  Vickie is and expert on simple elegance.  She was one of the first two graduates at the University of North Alabama to receive a degree in interior design. .
After years of teaching Vocational Home Economics in secondary education, Vickie left the school system and later opened Pearls in the old Putman’s Barber Shop.

ceramic santa at Pearls

Hey, Santa…Need a shave and a haircut??

Demo Day

The Bosheers put in a tremendous amount of sweat equity to transform the old building into the cute little shop it is today.  Vickie says the place was filthy and “there was a lot of rot and deterioration in the building.”  She adds, “The carpenter did a really good job.”  Mr. Bosheers also did a lot of carpentry work.  “We had a lot of wood in the barn,” says Vickie.  “People will say ‘we’ve got a tree down.’  He’ll go saw it up for them and keep the wood in our barn.”

The barn wood used on one of the big shelving units in Pearls is from a barn in Maury County, Tennessee.

Vickie found and salvaged the barber shop’s mirror that hangs over the fireplace mantle and reflects the shimmering mercury glass Christmas décor.

Putman’s Barber Shop

As the sign outdoors says, Putman’s continuously operated as a barber shop from 1928 until 2001.

While my in-loves and I shopped, a lady and her husband came into the store. The lady said that she had once lived in the house next door while her father ran the barber shop.  She showed us where the barber’s chairs were located and where customers would sit and wait their turn.

Puttman's sign at Pearls

What I Couldn’t Resist

As you may know, we bought Sweetgum House 18 months ago.  I’m slowly, slowly trying to turn it from an track house to a home for our family.

So, the minute I saw a pair of rustic hanging lights, I knew I had to have them in Sweetgum House.  Little additions like this will help bring a little character to our place.  As soon as I figure out how I want Lefty to hang them, I’ll post pictures.  I’ve got an idea, but I may have to ask my Dad-in-love for some of his old wood that he’s got laying around in his collection.

vintage red truck at Pearls

The Rest of the Story

After making my purchase at Pearl’s, Vickie suggested we go eat at Nana’s Pizzeria on Broad Street.  My in-loves and I enjoyed delicious from-scratch pizza that was cooked in a traditional stone oven.  The next day, I was inspired to use Loretto in my short story, Kaitlyn’s Christmas.

After church on Sunday, Lefty, Princess Buttercup, and I had Sunday lunch with Mom and Dad.  Mom asked, “Did you know your Grandmother M was born in Loretto, Tennessee?”

I had no idea!

home decor at Pearls

Visit Pearls on Facebook or at 206 2nd Avenue South in Loretto, Tennessee.

So what is your favorite thing from Pearls?  I’d love to hear from you! 🙂

more home decor at Pearls

Pearls window decor

Legal stuff:
I did not receive compensation for posting about this business.

Pink DIY Cottage-styled Lamp

pinklamp4It took me most of yesterday afternoon to finish a lovely pink lamp that I made from a plain, white thrift store find. Then I had to book it down to a few other thrift stores to find a lamp shade with the right bones. Here’s how I made it.


Lamp (If you are buying from a thrift store, ensure that light actually works.)

Lamp stand (with good “bones”.  More below.)

Painter’s or masking tape

Paint primer for wood, glass, plastic–or whatever the stand is made from.

Acrylic paint (I used #632 Rose Pink by FolkArt (but any acrylic should work fine). Bought with Hobby Lobby coupon.  Yay!)

Pink fabric scraps (all recycled from what I already had)

Scissors or a craft knife




Ugh! Boring lamp!

Cover areas not to be painted with painter’s tape.

Paint lamp stand with primer and allow time to dry.

Paint lamp stand with acrylic paint. (I used a damp art sponge to give the stand texture.)


Set aside lamp stand to dry.

Meanwhile, remove fabric from lamp shade. (Note: You need use a lamp shade frame with vertical wires. Otherwise, the top of the lamp cannot hold up on its own. I found out the hard way and had to dash off to the thrift store to find a replacement shade that works.)

Tie fabric between top and bottom wires of lamp shade frame.

After lamp stand dries, reattach lamp to stand.



I am going to put this on Craig’s List for $15. Please let me know if you want it before I list. It’s perfect for a little girl’s room! I just don’t recommend it for children under age 3.


Let me know what you think, too. I’d love to get your opinion!

Hanging out at Haley’s

Showroom style.

Showroom style.

Yesterday I got the chance to interview Carter and Nancy Haley of Haley’s Flooring & Interiors.

I really enjoyed visiting their huge showroom, since I’m so into interior design. The Haleys established their business in Huntsville, Alabama back in 1988 and have just exploded in growth–starting with flooring products and adding other product lines (cabinets, countertops, area rugs, home interiors, window coverings, safes, and grills) as time has progressed.

The Haleys are the nicest, most down-to-earth people, and they credit their business success to God’s blessings and following the Golden Rule with their customers, staff, and vendors.

Hope you all enjoy seeing some of the cool stuff that they have…I photographed some of my favorites!

I love these pillar candle holders!  Would be perfect in my future new house.

I love these pillar candle holders! Would be perfect in my future new house.

Lovely glass lamp base with elegant lines and curves.

Lovely glass lamp base with elegant lines and curves.

This, we're going to have to go back for!!!

This, we’re going to have to go back for!!!

Check out these backsplash tiles!

Check out these backsplash tiles!

Fabric galore in my favorite color!

Fabric galore in my favorite color!

Design as easy as 1-2-3!

Design as easy as 1-2-3!

The Light Touch…

Chandeliers galore!

Chandeliers galore!

Really, how often do you think of lighting when considering home decorating?

I didn’t, but our realtor asked us to place lights above our bathroom sinks to lighten the room. So after years of procrastinating, Lefty (my left-handed, left-brained husband) and I drove to a local home-improvement store to find wall sconces for our bathrooms.

We didn’t find what we were looking for since the stores didn’t carry many in stock, and we’re in a dashing hurry to put our home on the market.

So I drove into Huntsville and tried Richard’s Lighting, a home-owned and operated store that has been around since the 1960’s. Our realtor told us that they are having a h-u-g-e sale, with savings up to 80% off.


I opened their door and was in awe at the huge selection of merchandise. Fortunately, Brad Lapidus was on hand to help me quickly wade through the large volume of lights to find the perfect choice. Not only did he help me to select the best design for our bathrooms, he also helped me to stay well below my budget.

Although the store was incredibly busy last Saturday and I hated to take him away from higher-paying customers, Brad assured me that all of their customers are important. Brad very nice and helpful, and I found out that he attended the University of Alabama back when I was there. Roll Tide! RTR_lamp_finial

The sale goes on for two more weeks. Be sure to tell them that I sent you!

Note: I did not receive compensation for this blog…I just guessed, however, that you all would enjoy the photos and this little piece of life in our state.glittering_design2

Lamp finials.

Lamp finials.


Chandeliers galore!

Chandeliers galore!

How cute is this tea pot lamp?!

How cute is this tea pot lamp?!

Can you guess what these are???

Can you guess what these are???