Happy Valentine’s Day 2015

Valentines_Day_Card1 Valentines_Day_Candy_Card

Happy Valentine’s Day tomorrow, dear Readers!

Today I’m going to help out with Princess Buttercup’s class party. She made her own Valentine’s card box for the party.  I helped a little bit with wrapping it in white butcher paper.  

Then she dipped the back of her fists in acrylic paint to decorate the box with hand-print hearts.  It kinda worked.  We had to use our fingers to fill in the hearts and make it look more heart-shaped.

Anyway, I have all of these vintage Valentine’s Day cards that I found in a box of things that I won at an auction in Tennessee.  They are circa 1956.

Hope you enjoy them and have a Happy Valentine’s Day!

kitten_valentine_card1 kitten_valentine_card2
Valentine_with_Love1 Valentine_with_Love2
Valentine_wishes2 Valentine_wishes1

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Decorations to make for Princess Buttercup's class Valentine's Day party.

Decorations to make for Princess Buttercup’s class Valentine’s Day party.

Happy Valentine’s Day, Readers!

Yesterday, when I was cleaning our room, I had to laugh at the clear discrepancy between Lefty’s stuff and mine.

Today’s blog celebrates the differences between men and women that make marriage a wonderful adventure.

Hope you all enjoy the pictures, and here’s wishing a romantic day to you and yours.

His (nightstand)

His. (Nightstand.)



His. (He knows what every one of these go to.)

His. (He knows what every one of these go to.)



His. (What's this stuff?)

His. (What’s this stuff?)