They Say it’s My Birthday!!!

candlesSo another September 29th rolls around. The date that always gives me pause when I hear it mentioned by someone in the news, or a school event announcement, or any other place that sets the date for any event.

September 29th. My birthday.

I always get excited because my mom, my husband, and now my daughter has made me feel special on the day. And now I have Facebook friends that send me well-wishes. It’s so nice to have friends and family from wayyyyyyyyyy back and those from the present to send me happy notes.

I’m thankful that God chose me to be born and that He has brought me to this point.

Here’s to many more Happy Birthdays, especially if September 29th is your big day, too…Hoping to at least make it to 100!


The ultimate dream birthday cake with lots of pink rosettes!

Every year I look forward to getting a call from Mom and Dad singing the Happy Birthday song in 2-part harmony.  This year I’m going to record them and save it forever!

Meanwhile, here are a couple of favorites for your listening pleasure…

Happy Birthday–sung by the Beatles.

The Happy Birthday song–sung by Paul McCartney.


Happy Birthday from my favorite band of all time!

Pranking Lefty’s Birthday…or, a Pinterest Gone Bad

Princess Buttercup is all about pranking, especially her beloved daddy, Lefty. His recent birthday gave her the perfect opportunity to get him big.

But she needed my help.

So she found this birthday cake idea on Pinterest.  (I’ll post the link below because I’m striving for literary build-up, here.)

I bought balloons, whip cream, and we used a cereal box to house the cake.


Step 1: Put balloon in cereal box.

Buttercup is really serious about her pranks, but I was giggling the whole time we were “decorating the cake.”


Step 2: Decorate like crazy to hide the balloon.

Except for the whole thing flopped.

“Quick, put it in the ‘fridge so the whip cream will harden,” I said, and we rushed it into the freezer.


But about five minutes later, I realized that the balloon would pop in there. (Sometimes–well, often–I’m not the sharpest tool in the shed, if you know what I mean.)

We rescued the balloon cake and covered it with sprinkles.

“Surprise!” we shouted at Lefty when he came home.


Step 3: Not working! Cover it with sprinkles!

“Yeah, sorry about that…it didn’t work quite as expected,” we acknowledged,” But here’s your real cake!”

The real cake was an ice cream cake from Baskin Robbins.

Lefty was happy.

So the moral of the story is, maybe we should have used real frosting or Cool-Whip instead.



Step 4: Give up on prank. Give recipient the real cake!

Pinterest birthday balloon prank: