Global Warming

Arctic wind blasts from the north.

Arctic wind blasts from the north.

The weather hasn’t been anything but wonky, lately. One of our local weather stations,, says that we are getting a blast from the artic, sending us winds of 20-30 miles per hour. It’s a balmy 36 degrees right now, but by Wednesday night it will be 7 degrees. That’s 7—as in, one digit! Now I know that some of you guys probably scoff at this—especially my Canadian, Alaskan, and Fargo, ND readers—but this is the South. Alabama. Dixie!

It brings up the point of global warming, a term that we learned back in school. For some reason, I think of Al Gore (the inventor of the Internet), when I think of global warming.

So, let me get this right. The polar ice caps are melting while we are sitting around, chattering our teeth in the south?

Even so, WHNT is not expecting it to snow around here. Get this, if we’re going to have any chance of snow accumulation, it’s going to be south of Birmingham.


They’ve got to be kidding. I moved up to north Alabama in hopes of seeing snow every winter.

Here’s what WHNT says about our chance of snow: “A few flurries are possible today, but the big headlines remain the drastic temperature drop and gusty wind.”

Ah, nuts!

My family wants it to snow. It’s a novelty. It’s fun to play in, and we get to make snowmen (snowpeople, for those who are politically correct), and we get out our little plastic sled. We really would love to have a good snow, but I know that it would be hard on the homeless, the elderly, and the farm animals.

So if it isn’t going to snow, then I hope that we will get a little global warming. At least around here. And maybe it will bring the spring along with it.

The cold front, pushing the clouds to the south east, serves as a beautiful backdrop to my neighbor's house.

The cold front, pushing the clouds to the south east, serves as a beautiful backdrop to my neighbor’s house.

Photo angles taken from the east...

Photo angles taken from the east…

...And from the west.

…And from the west.

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