Is Shabby Chic Dead?

Feature display at Anthropologie.  Bridge Street Town Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

Feature display at Anthropologie. Bridge Street Town Center, Huntsville, Alabama.

Is shabby chic passe?

Pas du tout!

At least, not in north Alabama if our trendiest mall (Bridge Street Town Center) is any indicator. I saw shabby all around, especially in my favorite store, Anthropologie.


For those of you who may not know, the term was coined back in the 1980’s by World Of Interiors magazine.

I know, right?! I thought it was a new design phenomenon brought on by the housing crash of 2008. Regardless of what I thought, the term refers to a very laid-back, tarnished, and shabby style in home decor. I totally love the style and have spent time on Pinterest learning how to make my own chalk paint and gathering the nerve to use it on my dining room table.

By the looks of what’s being sold at Anthropologie, little French phrases are also cropping up in home decor.

Vive la shabby!


White is the New Stainless Steel

Magnets on our white refrigerator door.

Magnets on our white refrigerator door.

If you wait around awhile, a certain fashion will eventually make a comeback. As with the case of stainless steel appliances.

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV. Not much time for it and not many good shows. When I do watch, it’s usually on my breakfast or lunch break from writing. And it’s either Fox News or HGTV.

I am a home/garden design junkie! I am crazy about watching designers transform horrendous rooms or yards into works of art.

And I’m totally on to designers’ methodology of setting trends. (Well, at least I think I am.)

So for years I’ve seen nothing but stainless steel appliances installed into new, designer kitchens. You’ve seen it too, right?

Well guess what. Now they’re saying that white appliances are back in. (Actually, Kitchen Crashers that I just watched was broadcast in 2013…so I’m a year behind. You all probably already know this!)

Here’s my theory: Retailers do an about-face so that we will see what we’ve got, it’s so different that what we have, so we’ll feel the urge to go out and buy the new and trendy. Let’s say that instead of stainless steel, retailers went a shade darker in stainless steel. Or whatever. Nope. Too close to what consumers already have. So no one would want to go and lay down the money to upgrade. Just like flare and skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are in. I look at my flares and think, “Ugh…too early millennial. I need to toss them and go buy skinny. Lots and lots of skinny.”

Does my theory make sense?

So out with the stainless and in with the white. Right?

Lucky for us, we never went stainless. We’ve always kept our white from way back when. Sigh. Just when they sold me on stainless.

What do you think? Do you agree? Is it just obvious?

Hangin’ in Downtown Madison, Alabama

Selfie at Sady's!  :-)

Selfie at Sady’s! 🙂

Today, I was introduced to Sady’s Bistro in downtown Madison. I had a turkey sammie with avocado and tomato and cucumber salad that was Mm-mm good and oh, so creamy! I highly recommend it.

There were also some cute shops like The Cotton Gin that I visited. I hope you enjoy my pictures from my visit!

Stuff at Sady’s:

I had the Tomato, Cucumber, and Cilantro side.  Yum, yum, yum!

I had the Tomato, Cucumber, and Cilantro side. Yum, yum, yum!

Sady's Bistro.

Sady’s Bistro.

Wall art at Sady's.

Wall art at Sady’s.

Close-up of my Tomato, Cucumber, and Cilantro side.

Close-up of my Tomato, Cucumber, and Cilantro side.

Hee, hee!

Hee, hee!


The Cotton Gin Boutique:

Lady's, now this is Stephanie style!  What is cooler than denim and lace?

Ladies, now this is Stephanie style! What is cooler than denim and lace?

Awesome handbag would look so cute with the dress with denim jacket.

Awesome handbag would look so cute with the dress with denim jacket.

Cool scarves.

Cool scarves.

Headbands and accessories.

Headbands and accessories.

Cute blouses at The Cotton Gin.

Cute blouses at The Cotton Gin.

Small Shops and Antiques

Painting on one of the old historical buildings.

Painting on one of the old historical buildings.

Maybe you’ve read my blogs about my parent’s store, “Jachin Grocery.” We basically sold everything that the big box stores sell but on a smaller scale. When Dad would come in from closing each day, Mom often would ask, “How was business?”

Well, her habit rubbed off on me. I sometimes ask store managers about how business is going at their small stores. I really like the little ones to succeed. It’s a lot of hard work to try to make a profit, and it’s more than a 40-hour a week job.

So today I am going to post about some of the unique antique stores, boutiques, and the local restaurant that I visited in Cullman last Saturday.

Abandoned doorway.

Abandoned doorway.

Vintage West.

Vintage West.


While walking around on 3rd Street, I discovered The Shops at 3rd Street Promenade, which is housed in a restored hundred-year-old building. Replete with a tiled ceiling and exposed bricks, this unique shop is run by a very nice young couple, Steve and Stacie C. They sell everything from jewelry to furniture to home decor. My favorite piece was a small sign painted on tin that said Faith in lots of different colors. (May have been with acrylic paint.) fPromenade2


I was getting really hungry, so Steve recommended that I try a yummy deli that had been featured in Southern Living magazine. It was called “Rumors Deli and Coffee House,” and it was soooooooo good! No one likes a coffee house better than I, I’m sure. I highly recommend the Aloha Combo for $7.99. It consists of honey ham, provolone & parmesan cheese, mustard, mayo, onions, pineapple, green peppers on an onion bun, and their own Aloha sauce.

M-m-m, it was so good.

Aloha, y’all!

Belly full, I then discovered Cullman’s warehouse district, a long row of small boutique-like shops such as Vintage West

I spent a lot of time in Handbags & Gladrags, a women’s clothing store at 106 1st Ave NE. The lady was just so nice. We talked for a long while, and I took lots of pictures because the store décor was so creative. Not to mention their clothes and accessories. The lady placed my purchase in one of their gift bags. (I had bought a cool, boho chic cardigan made from a t-shirt-like fabric.) The bow on the gift bag was made from torn tissue paper. The lady gave me a demo of how to make it, and I’ll share it with you. If you go, be sure to pet the store cat, Alley, who went missing for a few days before being found.

Handbags & Gladrags with Alley the cat.

Handbags & Gladrags with Alley the cat.

Roses to pin on your clothes.

Roses to pin on your clothes.



I forgot to mention, before I even really got into Cullman, I saw an “Estate Sale” sign. I had to go check it out. I scored two nice, wooden bar stools for $20. Yay! I needed them for my counter, which has been begging me for bar stools ever since we built the house. Now Princess Buttercup can sit there while she eats an after-school snack and chats with me.

I’ve got a question, Everyone. What should I do with them? Here are the options:
1. Paint them bright green for a pop of color.
2. Go conservative and stain the wood a dark brown…or, really, I like the idea of a bright green wood stain.
3. Paint or stain them a dark gray-blue to match my dishes and the hanging lamp over the counter.

Would love to have your feed-back, Everyone!


Directions for Handbags & Gladrags Bow:

1.  Tear off small pieces of tissue paper.

2.  Layer paper at interesting angles.

3.  Staple center.

4.  Scrunch layers to hide staple.

5.  Fluff out and tape/glue on bag.