Creative Calendar for July 2016-2017

I decided that I needed a desk calendar in addition to the calendar on my phone. It’s just so much easier for me to see what’s going on and to be able to quickly write down an appointment date without fumbling with texting in the appointment name on my phone.

I found this handy calendar that Wal-Mart was clearancing for only $2! Woohoo!  It is a July 2016-2017 calendar, so I’ll get a year’s worth of use out of it.

The fact that it was boring made it even better.  Yay!!!!! Craft time!


Blue, white, and gray. With mostly a lot of white negative space.

So what should I do with the top? Acrylic paint it? Be-ribbon it?


Bling it on, baby!





I tore apart a dated bracelet and a necklace that had gotten twisted up beyond repair.


I hot-glued the beads/sequins and simply taped the bunting string around the back of the calendar.

I did all of this yesterday, fully intending to post when I was done. But time got away from me, and I had to go pick up Princess Buttercup from school.

In other news today…

My friend Kim texted me that there was an estate sale given by Seven Sisters. I got there late but scored big with the vintage linens and wall paper. $10 for everything! More on what I’ll do with it next week.  I’ll also let you guys in on the next Seven Sisters sale. Stay tuned!

Pin or Pitch — The Dustpan Project


Dustpan produced by JV Reed company in Louisville.  Country Dutch Kitchen by M. Taber.

I found this vintage dustpan(circa around the 1950s) in a thrift store and fell in love with it.


I had big plans, and they were going to be a Pinterest hit.

Hit alright, but it was a strike out.


Snuggles and Spike try to help.  Well, maybe not Spike, who was playing with a chew toy.


I’m not giving up, though. (Think Thomas Edison and the light bulb!)

Here’s what it looks like…


I punched holes into the rubber rim so I could tie beads to the dustpan.


And I used Photoshop Elements to finish how I wanted it to look.


The Photoshop prototype.


I need something bright yellow to tie the beads on.

I need some type of paint media that will work better than a thin brush and acrylic paint.

Any suggestions?

Pink DIY Cottage-styled Lamp

pinklamp4It took me most of yesterday afternoon to finish a lovely pink lamp that I made from a plain, white thrift store find. Then I had to book it down to a few other thrift stores to find a lamp shade with the right bones. Here’s how I made it.


Lamp (If you are buying from a thrift store, ensure that light actually works.)

Lamp stand (with good “bones”.  More below.)

Painter’s or masking tape

Paint primer for wood, glass, plastic–or whatever the stand is made from.

Acrylic paint (I used #632 Rose Pink by FolkArt (but any acrylic should work fine). Bought with Hobby Lobby coupon.  Yay!)

Pink fabric scraps (all recycled from what I already had)

Scissors or a craft knife




Ugh! Boring lamp!

Cover areas not to be painted with painter’s tape.

Paint lamp stand with primer and allow time to dry.

Paint lamp stand with acrylic paint. (I used a damp art sponge to give the stand texture.)


Set aside lamp stand to dry.

Meanwhile, remove fabric from lamp shade. (Note: You need use a lamp shade frame with vertical wires. Otherwise, the top of the lamp cannot hold up on its own. I found out the hard way and had to dash off to the thrift store to find a replacement shade that works.)

Tie fabric between top and bottom wires of lamp shade frame.

After lamp stand dries, reattach lamp to stand.



I am going to put this on Craig’s List for $15. Please let me know if you want it before I list. It’s perfect for a little girl’s room! I just don’t recommend it for children under age 3.


Let me know what you think, too. I’d love to get your opinion!

My Visual Journal

I’m loving this Visual Journal! I bought it at Hobby Lobby with a gift card that Mom and Dad gave me at Christmas.

Love it!


I’ve got a Journaling board on Pinterest where I collect ideas for the journal and the artwork therein.

I got this 100 Things that I Love idea from Liz Bernard, right here.


100 Things that I Love.

And I made this one from magazines and junk mail letters that I cut out and pasted together. I got the idea from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks!


Love Collage.

Be sure to follow me on Pinterest! If you like the ideas, please use them as you wish and link back to me.