Getting Sweetgum House Gussied up for Christmas!

Hi everyone, I’m getting Sweetgum House gussied up for Christmas!  I went to photograph some local shops for a real estate blog I write for and ended up buying some stuff, myself.  The places that I shop sell unique items, which is definitely what I’m looking for.

Check out this sign!

shop local sign

I love to shop local because my parents also had a non-chain store back in south Alabama when I was growing up.  We used to sell all sorts of toys around Christmas, along with the usual stuff you find in one of those old general merchandise stores.  Our store was like the Olson’s store on “Little House on the Prairie.”  We sold groceries, bags of nails, cattle feed, salt blocks, clothes, tools…you name it.  It was a fun place to hang out in with all the customers coming in, the cash register dinging, and KL and Aunt Maybelle snapping opening the paper bags to load them up with goods.

I digress!

Like I said, I couldn’t resist this tin bucket from Jacklyn’s Keepsakes in Madison.  I heard or read that Joanna Gaines recommends 3-dimensional wall art. Well, this little bucket fit the bill. I’m going to get Lefty to hang it for me in the house, and I can swap out the berries for seasonal flowers as the year progresses.

tin bucket with decoration

My little tin bucket for flowers.

I’m determined to make my cookie-cutter, subdivision Sweetgum home into something charmingly farmhouse-ish.

Christmas decoration

Cotton Christmas from Jacklyn’s Keepsakes


Christmas balls decoration

I thought these little glass balls from Madison Station Antiques were so pretty.

Noble Passage Interiors has a ton of elegant Christmas decor like this beautiful Nativity scene. I’m definitely going back for some of their ornaments!

Sweet, Silent Night

Wait! Just one more thing…This, I found at Target (obviously not local) and posted on Instagram. My parents used to take us camping all the time, and I just love this vintage decoration that represents our camping life.


So what about you? What’s your favorite decoration that makes your life around Christmas time a little bit jolly? I’d love to hear from you from all over the country! Do you have a Christmas theme to gussy up your home around Christmas?

Note:  I didn’t receive any compensation for posting about these retailers.

Tis the Season to be Jolly

I hope you all enjoy these pictures that I took last summer at the Christmas Place in Pigeon Forge.










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Putting up Christmas Lights and Singing Carols

Dad puts up the Christmas tree lights.

Dad puts up the Christmas tree lights.

Hi Everyone!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

I meant to blog about Thanksgiving back in Jachin, but I got caught up with all the stuff I had to do that I didn’t have time.  Maybe next year.  Thanksgiving has always been one of my favorite holidays.

I also like Black Friday.  We refused to shop on Thursday evening because we wish that retailers would let their employees have the whole day off to hang out with their family.  When I was first out of college, I had about 3 jobs in Huntsville.  One of them was a retail job.  I drove down to Jachin to spend it with the family, and then had to drive the 250 miles back up to Huntsville after we ate because I had to work Black Friday.  At least I got to spend most of the day with my family.

Last Friday around 6:30 a.m., I drove to get my teenage niece, and we took Princess Buttercup on her first Black Friday shopping trip!  We all had fun, even though we only bought a few things like craft supplies and some shoes for Princess.

This weekend, Princess Buttercup got Lefty to go into the attic and bring down all of our Christmas decorations.  We played Christmas music while we decorated.  It seems so weird that it is December already!

We follow the same “rules” that Mom had for us when we were growing up in rural south Alabama:

  1. No Christmas decorations until after Thanksgiving.
  2. No Christmas carols will be played until after Thanksgiving.

Mom used to tease Aunt Joyce for playing her Christmas carols in September! 

We have seen lots of these rule-breakers as we go down the road.  Some of the nicer subdivisions had their rooftop strands up mid-November.  Other people had their whole lawn a-glow. 

What about you all?  What are your traditions for putting up decorations and singing carols?

I watch Dad put up the lights.

I watch Dad put up the lights.

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