Tired Out


Princess Buttercup and I were driving along Huntsville I565 on today’s beautiful, sunny, temperate afternoon. I saw something that looked like a piece of wood go under my car’s hood, and “Bang! Pow! Bang-a-bang-a-bang-a,” came a sound from my car’s undercarriage. Princess Buttercup yelled, “What happened! What happened!” as I put on my blinker and carefully steered to the right lane and then onto the shoulder of the interstate highway.

What had I run over?

I never did find out, but I found a rectangle slashed from the rear tire.

Princess Buttercup and I got away from the road and called my Knight in Shining Armor, Lefty.

Fortunately, we weren’t more than 15 minutes from Lefty’s work place. He drove to where we were stranded, changed the tire, and then we went to get a new one…not a small expense.

I thank God that we were both okay and our car didn’t flip over like the one in the 1970’s pilot episode of “The Incredible Hulk.”

Slashed with bent rim.

Slashed with bent rim.