A Superior Early Thanksgiving Feast

Another arrangement from Rabbit's Nest Florist and Gifts.

Another arrangement from Rabbit’s Nest Florist and Gifts.

A wind blew in last Friday night, bringing in rain and cold temperatures which didn’t deter Trick-or-Treaters one single bit. We all had a blast!

So today, it’s out with the rain and in November’s beautiful blue skies. I’ve also decided to go sugar-free until Thanksgiving. No, I won’t even indulge in any (more) of Princess Buttercup’s Trick-or-Treat candy.

Thanksgiving is one of my favorite times of the year. There is lots of food and friends, and we get to see family members that we don’t usually see but once or twice a year. Good times.

Actually, I got an early taste of Thanksgiving last week. I went to get an interview with Joey Usery of Superior Heating and Air. The interview was for “Heritage Living,” a community magazine that I write for.

Please note that I don’t get any kind of kick-backs for mentioning small businesses in my blog. But sometimes there are definitely perks in being a writer. Like that day!

Mr. Joey and Miss Cindy serve up some yummies.

Mr. Joey and Miss Cindy serve up some yummies.

Miss Cindy, the office manager at Superior, and her office staff cooked a whole Thanksgiving feast for their crew. And then they invited me to join them in the fun.

A couple of the HVAC crew members on lunch break.

A couple of the HVAC crew members on lunch break.

It felt like Christmas at Aunt Bertha’s and Uncle Otis’s house. Everybody had a paper plate of turkey, dressing (that’s what we call ‘stuffing’ in the south, because we eat it as a side), mashed potatoes, green beans, Milo’s Sweet Tea (I think they’re out of Birmingham), mac-n-cheese, and pies.

Apparently, Miss Cindy had a turkey that she had to cook up so that it wouldn’t go to waste.

Anyway, here’s a shout out to Joey, Miss Cindy, and the rest of the crew at Superior Heating and Air for making me part of the family for a day!

Superior food!

Superior food!

southern_delicacy Superior_Heating_Air

Have a Boo-tiful Halloween!

Find this at Rabbit's Nest Florist and Gifts!

Find this at Rabbit’s Nest Florist and Gifts!

It’s overcast outside. The clouds are dark, gray, and heavy over the orange-tinted trees.

It is what I think of as a perfectly bootiful Halloween!

Tonight, Princess Buttercup will dress up in her Halloween costume and join her spooky buddies in a candy-grabbing frenzy. Of course, we’re all Southern, so it will be a very polite scenario. Lots of parents will be in the background calling, “Say ‘thank you!'” and “Don’t walk on the grass! Use the sidewalk!”

The “Boo” pumpkins in the photo is a creation from my friend who owns and manages Rabbit’s Nest Florist and Gifts: http://www.rabbitsnestflowers.com. (The display is on Rabbit’s Nest Florist and Gifts’ FB page.) I haven’t been in her store yet, but I’m dying to go. She posted her design on her Facebook page, and I called her this morning and begged to use it for my blog. I’m tempted to shirk my writing and go on over and buy it!

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Hope you other parents won’t get too full of candy that you take from your kids’ Trick-or-Treat bags as “parent tax!”

Moving into November after Nutty Night at Mall

Witch_hatLast night was ghastly. And I’m not just talking about the blustery weather front that blew in.

We parents decided that the weather was so icky that we would take the kids trick-or-treating at the mall.

There were all varieties of spooks at the mall. I saw a bunch of kids wearing “Scream” masks, which totally freaked me out. I never even saw the movie—the TV trailers were enough to give me nightmares for weeks.

The mall was more crowded than Disney World. Here we were, with a whole gaggle of girls, trying to stay together, while navigating the crowd of spooks…all for about 3 pieces of candy and a couple of stickers that they handed out. Truly, it was crowded, and the mall stores soon ran out of candy.

Then, without any more candy incentives, the crowd filtered out.

We took our, Roman Empresses, Harry Potters, bunnies, beavers, witches, and super heroes to seats near the elevator and took bunches of pictures.

Lesson learned.

Maybe it wasn’t the best idea to go to the mall, in spite of the windy/rainy weather.

It was fun, anyway…kinda. We went to Burger King and bought ice cream and hoped for a more productive year next year.

Meanwhile, onward to November—one of my favorite months, with beautiful fall leaves and lots of turkey!

Harry Potter Garb

Harry Potter Garb

Bags for our 3 pcs of candy.

Bags for our 3 pcs of candy.

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Fall / Halloween Festival Memories

Face painting.  I also painted bracelets like those around my wrists.

Face painting. I also painted bracelets like those around my wrists.

Well, we all had a lot of fun at Friday’s fall festival at Princess Buttercup’s school. I had a great time face painting, while Princess ran around and won a bunch of gold fish to bring home. She also got some other toy and candy prizes, too, and she brought them to me to “guard” while she went off and won more and more gold fish.

She was so preoccupied with the fish, and we were all so tired when it was time to go, that she forgot her bag of goodies beside my face-painting chair. Hopefully, someone will find it and get it to her during the school day.

It’s just one of those Halloween festival mishaps.

When David and I were kids…(oh, by the way, Dave wants to be called by his real name henceforward in my blog…no longer “Ben.” He says that he could never be a Ben. Whatever. BTW, again, shout out to Dave and his wife, who are cruising down some river in Europe to celebrate their 15th anniversary. They got married 6 months after Lefty and I wedded. Congratulations and have fun you two!)

Okay, back on topic.

When Dave and I were kids, we used to love to go to the school Halloween carnivals. I remember that we had our share of Halloween mishaps. One of the most memorable was when we were riding on the hay ride, and Dave’s costume mask went sailing off. I think he must have been in Kindergarten. We bemoaned the loss and told Mom all about it when we got off the ride. Mom went with us to try to find it on the darkened hayride route, but it was gone, gone, gone. We didn’t cry, but we were both pretty bummed about that. As a big sister, I have always felt that David’s tragedies were my own.

I think it was the same carnival, though, that Dave won the drawing for a crocheted Christmas stocking. It was a very nice stocking, with bright reds and greens, and we still have it to this day.

One year I won a stuffed dog that was green and pink. I named him Lucky. He wasn’t so lucky because his stuffing kept coming out.
Dave won first place for originality in a costume contest one year. It was all his design and engineering. He built himself a robot costume out of cardboard boxes (from our store) and tin foil. It was awesome.

So this afternoon, I’m going to look forward to picking up Princess Buttercup to see if she recovered her goods from the fall festival. I hope she does. And maybe she will share some of her candy with me and Lefty.