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Hi Everyone!

I’m so sorry I haven’t posted as much this week. It has been nuts at Sweetgum Life!

You know how I say that sometimes life is sweet and sometimes it’s kind of sticky…like gum? Well, I’ve definitely had some sticky moments this week.

The main place that I’ve been stuck is meeting deadlines and securing good stories for our local paper. At the same time, it was kind of a fun challenge.

Princess Buttercup is knee-deep in band stuff. (Did I ever tell you that I love being a band mom??)

Anyhow, I hope I’ll get some good ol’ southern content coming at you next week.

Oh, yeah…I’m also trying to work with Mail Chimp to get a newsletter going. How fun is that? Don’t worry, I promise not to spam you. I just want to keep all of you wonderful readers who are all over the country close to my heart.

Till next week!


Shelby’s Thanksgiving Intervention — A Short Story

Today I wrote a short story from a Thanksgiving writer’s prompt at Writer’s Digest:  Shelby’s Thanksgiving Intervention — Short Story.  I found the turkey craft here at “11 Best Turkey Crafts for Kids.”

Hope you enjoy!

Thanksgiving paper turkey craft
Shelby’s Thanksgiving Intervention
(Or, Now Who’s the Turkey??)

By: Stephanie L. Robertson

Thanksgiving is my favorite time of the year with its beautiful fall leaves and sumptuous feasting.  I was looking forward to another Thanksgiving feast à la Mom.

“We’ll just go ahead,” said my husband, Ben, as he stepped from the car and grabbed the hands of my two younger kids.

“Ouch, Dad, that hurts,” cried my seven-year-old, Wendy.

“Sh!” said Ben as he let go Wendy’s hand and pushed her and Pete inside Mom and Dad’s house without the usual courtesy of knocking.

“Now that was just weird,” I said to my older son, Jesse.  “Do you want to help me carry in one of the casseroles? Looks like Dad isn’t going to help.”

Jesse looked at me from the corner of his eyes.  His voice shook a little.  “Uh, Mom, I’ve got to go!”

Then he sprinted toward large brick house without a second glance.

I shrugged and juggled all three casserole dishes, shutting the hatch of our SUV with my left foot.

With the assortment of cars and trucks parked in the driveway, it looked as though all the family was there.

I teetered up the steps of the house and yelled through my parents’ heavy mahogany door, “Hey!  Can someone lend a hand?”

The door swung open.

The entire family was sitting in the living room, all eyes were on me.

But instead of a Thanksgiving turkey, there was a giant “Intervention” sign hanging across the mantle.

“Shelby,” said my mother quietly, “We’ve got to talk.”

I felt all three casserole dishes fall to the hardwood floor as I stared back in shock.

“Shelby, you have spent entirely too much time writing for that NANOWRIMO, to the detriment of your family,” said Ben.

“Instead of having Thanksgiving this year, we’re asking that you admit yourself to Writer’s Recovery in Tucson, Arizona,” said Dad.

“Shelby, we want you to come back to us—the way you used to be!” sobbed my sister, Jane.

“You’ll take a flight to Tucson and spend two weeks at the Three Points Resort and Spa for the duration of your recovery,” said my cousin Fred.  “The brochure says the resort features pool-side light therapy, Jungian horseback-riding counseling, and massage transaction analysis.”

Please, Shelby, we want you to come home completely intervened.  No work for two weeks, dear. We’re begging you.”

Shelby didn’t think twice.  “Okay.  I’m in!”

Thanksgiving text with fall letters: Now Who's the Turkey??

Writing prompt source:  http://www.writersdigest.com/prompts/thanksgiving-intervention

Still Pouring!

Hi Everyone!

I finally got finished homeschooling Princess Buttercup, we sold our home, Dad had a stroke when he and Mom were camping in northwest Arkansas, we went to Disney World, we made an offer on a new home (while we were at DW!!!), and now we are packing up the house.  Whew!  I’m exhausted just from all of the serial commas in the last paragraph!

It’s all just a blimp in the scheme of Eternity, so, it’s allllllllllllll good! I see God’s hand in each step of my life, whether good or bad.

Anyway, I want to give a great big shout out to my new readers from Arkansas and Missouri!

Hi, new Dear Readers!

Apparently, Mom gave my blog address to everyone who walked into Dad’s rehab room.  But seriously, I want to thank all of the staff that attended Dad while he was in the neuro-trauma ICU, as he transitioned to a private hospital room, and finally as he moved to the rehab facility. May God bless you all with His riches blessings for caring for my parents as they were far from home and facing a medical crisis.

Big {{{hugs}}} from your new Alabama friends.



P.S. I’m hoping to ramp up my blogging once we get into the new home and all settled.  I also plan to resume work on my novel that I began several years ago. TTYL!

Our New Puppy

Spike's Pet Finder photo.

Spike’s Pet Finder photo.

Our Monday afternoon was a cross between the shows, “Too Cute,” and “The Puppy Bowl.”

We got Princess Buttercup out of school (early…yes, we played hooky!) and went to the Jackson County, Alabama animal shelter and picked up our new puppy, Spike.

Spike and his brothers and sisters were found in a vacant lot underneath a pile of wooden pallets. Their dad is a chocolate lab, and their mommy dog is a black lab mix.

The nice lady volunteer, Laurie, brought out a few pups at a time, until we had about 6 pups in the room. It was so much fun! Adorable black and chocolate labs were everywhere! There was also a cat and a kitty that looked on in amazement.

The pups were happy and playful, all with different personalities.

Puppies, puppies everywhere!

Puppies, puppies everywhere!



We specifically wanted a black male, so that’s how we chose Spike.

That’s why I couldn’t post on Monday. I had deadlines and interviews to give, and we got a pup on top of that. Fun times!

I hope that you’ll see one that you like and contact the shelter. Then you can have one of Spike’s brothers or sisters!

Adorable chocolate lab up for adoption.

Adorable chocolate lab up for adoption.

Pouncing pup.

Pouncing pup.

The Pups’ Story: ABOUT SATURN (We changed his name to “Spike.” Now we’ve got Spike and Snuggles. 😉

Currently the shining stars of our shelter, Saturn and his 5 siblings were born in a vacant lot beneath a pile of wooden pallets. It took a while for our volunteer to gain their mom’s trust enough to bring the family to proper shelter. There are four girls and 2 boys who we are currently taking applications for their adoption, as well as their mum. Saturn is six weeks old in our photos taken April 3rd.

The shelter’s site:

P.S. We also got to meet the puppies’ sweet, shy mommy dog. We hope that someone will adopt her too, because she’s been through a lot!

Cat eyes pup.

Cat eyes pup.

Puppy wants Lefty's right shoe.

Puppy wants Lefty’s right shoe.

Laurie gives Spike a shampoo.

Laurie gives Spike a shampoo.

Spike, after his bath.

Spike, after his bath.

Happily riding home in Princess Buttercup's lap.

Happily riding home in Princess Buttercup’s lap.