Let it Snow…Please!

Ice in the woods this afternoon.

Ice in the woods this afternoon.

So while Boston is languishing under 7 feet of snow, we north Alabamians get another miss.  At least where my family lives.

Lefty, Princess Buttercup, and I hope for snow.  We dream of snow.  We do everything short of praying for snow.

Princess Buttercup’s school was out for President’s Day, yesterday.  Every hour or so, she would ask Lefty and me, “Do you think it may snow?  Just a little bit?”

We grew tired of reminding her that we really didn’t know, the forecasters didn’t really know, and a snowfall was simply tricky to predict for our part of the state.  A friend of ours, who finished school in meteorology, once told me that the conditions had to be “just right” for us to get snow.  Something about our altitude, the sunshine, and temperature.

Really, Lefty and I like snow, too.  There are lots of adults in our area who enjoy seeing it blanket the dormant, brown grass.  It is so beautiful in the woods.

Tonight, according to weather reports, we have another chance to get it.

We’re crossing our fingers.

You can see a little bit snow (of what little we got) in this creek.

You can see a little bit snow (of what little we got last night) in this creek.