Hello, from Stephanie

Hi All!

It’s been a super long time since I posted at this site. I hope you’re all doing well.

I’ve continued to post at http://www.sweetgumlife.com and hope you’ll follow me over there.

Today I posted photos of fine china from my home in north Alabama and from a vintage store in Huntsville.

Talk ‘atcha soon!



Pouring out My Heart

Hello Everyone! I have heard it said that doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting different results, is the very definition of insanity. Today, I’m pouring out my heart to you all…my very dear readers.

I cannot thank my return visitors enough for coming back and visiting Sweetgum Life. You’ll never know how much I appreciate it!

You may or may not know that I have this app called “Google Analytics.” Furthermore, as much as this may freak you out a little bit, I’ll let you in on a blogger secret: Analytics tells me from where you are posting. The geography feature is one of my favorite things about Google Analytics.

For example, I see that someone from New York City has visited my site more than once. Wow! I mean, someone from NYC is reading my stuff!!!

How humbling is that!?!

Also, thank you to Orlando, Goose Creek, Loretto, Brevard, and Alma. Thank you to my supportive friends in north Alabama.

It’s you guys…all of you guys who return–that keeps me going as a blogger.

Pouring out My Heart when Things Seem Hopeless

And maybe my posts seem overly optimistic. That’s not real life, and I hope it doesn’t come across that way. When I only get a handful of readers, things seem hopeless, and I feel like giving up. Happy to say that my family keeps me going when things seem hopeless.

Lefty will say, “So you’re going to give it up just because it’s hard?”

Princess Buttercup will add, “But you love doing your blog.”

And I answer, “Yeah, but if hardly anyone reads it, what’s the point?”

But there is a point. I’ve been posting since 2013, and hopefully I’m a better writing because of my blog.

Pouring out My Heart when My Machine doesn’t Work.

Another frustration is the fact that my space bar got stuck one day. I tried to fix it by pulling it off, and now I have to pound hard with my thumb to get a space between words. Grrr! And then was the week when our machine quit altogether and Lefty had to reload everything on it. That took a bite out of my time.

Pouring out My Heart when Life gets Busy

I’m not sure about this freelance stuff anymore. I’m not necessarily organized (at all) and it’s hard to stay focused when working at home. This past month, I’ve been so busy with freelancing that I haven’t had much time to think about quality content.

Yes, it does sound cool to say that I’m a professional writer, and I can make my office anywhere. (I.e., the library, Lowe Mill, Starbucks) But in between time, I take breaks to do a load of laundry, wash dishes, or whatever. I’ll admit, I do love to take lunch breaks to watch “Fixer Upper” while I eat. And I try to stay out of the office after 5 p.m, but it isn’t always easy.

A gray barn like Papa’s. I took this picture near Springfield, MO.

Pouring out My Heart about My Blogging Motivation

My motivation behind starting the blog to begin with was to have a writing platform to show potential publishers when I pitch my novel. Unfortunately, I don’t have a few thousand readers yet. “Yet”—hope springs eternal.

It has become more than that. I truly love each of you who visit me, and I love to read comments. It’s like having a pen-pal. (Remember those?)

Pouring Out My Heart about the Future of Sweetgum Life

So, I plan to keep Sweetgum Life up and running until my self-hosting fees are due next fall. After that, we’ll see what happens. I am trying to learn Mail Chimp and will start an email campaign. I’m hoping it’s a way to keep some of my passer-by readers. I’ve just got to learn how to use the thing (the app) first.

Okay, enough said about that….

I surely hope you’ll give me an idea on your favorite kinds of content on Sweetgum Life. Is it faith, short stories, amazing southerners, DIY, home stuff, old barns and homes, southern life in general, or writing life? Please let me know, and I hope you all have a blessed day!


Black Angus.