Packing up Christmas Stuff and Avoiding the Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas_decorations.jpgIt’s that time of year when I have to pack our Christmas stuff away after having it out only about three or four weeks.

After all the presents are unwrapped and we’re heading into New Year’s Day, I typically get a big wash of post-Christmas blues.

No fun.


The bare, naked Christmas tree.

But over the years I’ve found a way to minimize the blues.

I find that if I invite kids over while I’m un-decorating (dis-decorating??) the tree, things are a lot more festive.

Yesterday, we invited a sweet friend over to hang out with Princess Buttercup while I took down the ornaments from the tree.

Her mom stayed a couple of hours and we talked over coffee and caught up on each other’s lives while the girls played. When the mom left to go run errands, I took down the ornaments and enjoyed shrieks of laughter and the sounds of girlish gab.

It made me happy.


No worries, I’ll get to bring all of these out next year!

Purge, 2015!

straw_hatsOne of my goals for 2015 is to purge, and purge like crazy! I’m not quite as bad as “Hoarders,” but you probably wouldn’t know, just by looking at my house.

4 possible reasons that we keep stuff:

1. We think that we will use it—one day.
2. We’re sentimentally attached to certain objects.
3. We think that we can up-cycle that…thing.
4. We’re crafty and creative.


Solutions for an over-stuffed home:

Will I use this? Maybe one day?

Do you have the mentality of a Great Depression-survivor? I know that I must have, although I’m way too young to have lived in the era. It’s true that we’re in a tough economy, but think about how much that you can make by selling your object and using the money for something else. Like paying off debt.
So take Elsa’s advice: Let it g-o-o-o, Let it go…

Sentimental Stuff.

I’ve kept the silk ivy from “the wedding” for all of the 16 years that Lefty and I have been wed. I have some of Lefty’s dishes from when he was a single guy. (Actually, we still use those, even though they don’t match with the nicer dishes.) I think I’ve got several copies of my college graduation program somewhere in the house.

Grab your camera or phone, and photograph the object. Then you can sell or donate the original.

I can up-cycle this.

Take soup cans, for example. I can paint them and use them for containers for the silk roses that I can’t let go. I’m very much a conservationist. I think, “I know I can find a way that I can up-cycle. I just know it!”

Teachers can be the worst culprits. I had an elementary ed professor that said that she was a pack-rat, always thinking of how something could be used in her classroom.

But ask yourself if you’re really going to upcycle your object. Within the next two weeks. That is, are you going to go on Pinterest to find an idea, buy glue or paint or whatever else that you need for the project, and follow through until completion. If not, recycle, donate, or throw it away.

I’m crafty and creative.

Crafting is so much fun! I start a craft, get frustrated, and desert the project, thinking I’ll get to it later. Like those purple shorts that I tried to sew last summer. I couldn’t get the waist band right, so I set it aside and decided to work on it later. Later never came.

And the drop cloth that I bought at Lowes and thought that I would make cool curtains out of them. And the burlap bags that I bought at Harrison Brothers in Huntsville. And the….
So I hope you’ll join me in 2015 and purge! Purge away! Your family will thank you, and so will those in need who gratefully accept your donations.



Welcome 2015!

Cute doggy noise-maker.

Cute doggy noise-maker.

Hi Readers!

I found all of these vintage New Year’s memorabilia on eBay and thought you would enjoy the pics.

Happy New Year, and thanks to all of the sellers who let me use their pictures. I promised them all that I would link back to their stores in exchange for me using their photos.

January Angel.

January Angel.

What a new year without noise-makers!

What a new year without noise-makers!

eBay sources:

January Angel is sold by amaz909 at

It’s a little past Christmas, but I couldn’t resist adding these cute little winter animals from

January doggy is no longer for sale, but I got him from landscapephotog at landscapephotog has a cool, vintage Tasmanian Devil that you should go see.

counterfeiterjoe sells vintage noise-makers and other cool stuff at

Cute Christmas Animals.

Cute Christmas Animals.