Changing Over?

Hi Everyone!

I’ve got a question, and I’d like all my followers to weigh in.  Please.

Since I’ve got two blogs that I’ve been copying and pasting the same content, I’m thinking of using as a blog about my writing journey.  For my southern lifestyle blog, I want to use

Your thoughts?

I mean, blogging actually is a social media venue, and your comments are important.  It’s a little like when I was a kid and had a pen pal.

Thanks for any input, and may God always bless you richly.




7 thoughts on “Changing Over?

  1. I think, sometimes, it’s helpful to be able to separate subjects between blogs. Whatever, you decide to do is fine with me. I’ll be happy to read along with both of them.

  2. Oooooh I forgot about Pen Pals. Seems like ages ago doesn’t it? I think you’ve got the right idea to separate the two blogs. Your content is relatable so the people, myself included will follow.

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