This Writing Stuff is Hard!!

Reasons why this Writing Stuff is Hard!!

Okay, so I’m not trying to complain (well, maybe a little bit), but this writing stuff is hard!!
Not the writing itself. Just getting ready for writer’s conference. I’m going to go off the blogging grid for awhile as I get ready for conference.

Coffee fuels creativity!

2018 Goal Revisited

My 2018 goal was to finish my dystopian novel, The Fall of Light. Done-ish. I wrote like a crazy woman to finish the first draft.

Here’s the thing…I’m just not happy with the writing yet. I have to pitch (or work to sell) the manuscript, but I still think it’s in draft stage. Booooo! No, seriously, I’m not just saying this to be humble…it really is still drafty!

I often post photos of my work space. This is at Piper & Leaf at Lowe Mill.

One Sheet, Synopsis, Outline, Pitch

Anyway, I got together what’s called a “one sheet.” It’s like a marketing flyer for the book. I wrote a synopsis, an outline, and a pitch script. I re-wrote them. I re-wrote them again…times five!

I could use Your Prayers

So I guess I’m just asking for prayers about the whole thing. I’d love for an agent to pick up my work, but there’s still a lot to be done. Please pray for this starving writer. It’s going to be okay, no matter the outcome. I’m just ready to finish all the prep work and just go!

Thanks for letting me vent. You know one theme behind Sweetgum Life is that sometimes life can be sweet, sometimes it can be gummy. I’m in the “gummy” part now, and hope things turn out with sweet rewards!


Work space at the library.



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