May Flowers

Hey, Everyone!!

I just got back from one of my favorite stores in Huntsville, Alabama–Bennett’s Nurseries.  I l-o-v-e that place.  It’s like a Disney World for flower lovers!  They have around 20 greenhouses where you can go and browse to your hearts content.  They’ve got annuals, they’ve got perennials, they’ve got a huge selection of the sweetest roses, they’ve got herbs, trees, landscaping, you name it.  You can take your kids along with you, and they can enjoy the gardens and the train while you shop.

May flowers Bennett's Nurseries

My wagon of herbs and flowers.

Flowers are my passion are one of the things I love to photograph and write about!


Hydrangeas, my favorite!

Those who know me well know that my favorite Artist is our Creator…I love His work so much.  He is so creative, and His use of color, composition, and Light (especially, Light) blows me away.

So, Mr. Bennett was nice enough to let me photograph their May flowers, and I bought a wagon full of herbs, a Endless Summer hydrangea, a primrose, and a dark red Calliope® geranium. Bennett’s has a wide selection…I chose dark red to go with the tint of bricks of our house. I plan to put the geraniums in a hanging basket outside our front door. You know that I’m a newbie photographer, so the Calliope people have a better photo on their website, here.

Let me know what you think about my flowers and plants!  I hope y’all are able to download my photo-heavy site okay.  WordPress optimization + Stephanie = Learning Curve!!



roses from Bennett's Nurseries

pretty May flowers

Lots of pretty May flowers!


Dark Red Calliope® Geranium

Dark Red Calliope® Geranium

Note:  I did not receive any reimbursement from the businesses mentioned on this post.


2 thoughts on “May Flowers

  1. I LOVE nurseries too. We have one a couple miles away from our place here in the city and sometimes my husband and I go just to walk around. It is so pretty. I have even posted a couple posts on it. Our temps. here in the desert are so hot it is hard to keep flowers alive during extreme heat but I try. I have tons of cactus flowers that are coming out. Your photos are beautiful, love the colors.

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