Create Beautiful Signs at University Pickers!

I wrote about my desire to create beautiful signs from the vintage wood I bought at Harrison Brothers’ basement. Well, today I took a class at University Pickers in Huntsville, and I made the sweetest little sign…It turned out better than I thought!

Thanks to JennLin for teaching the class. She took us, step-by-step, through the sign-making process. Not only was she a lot of fun and encouraging, she was also very generous with her crafting supplies!

Here is my finished product!

Create a beautiful sign at University Pickers--just like this one.

How we Made these Sweet Signs

Now, I know the secret! JennLin prepped for the class by cutting out the stencil on her Silhouette machine. Ohhhhhhhhh, so that’s how they got those letters so perfect!

I’m sure you can find lots of different ways to transfer your stencil to your wood panel. We stuck the stencil on contact paper…and did a few more steps that I can’t remember. You’ll just have to take JennLin’s class to find out!

family sign The stencil.

Anyway, we painted in the stencil, and dried it super-quickly with a dryer.

craft dryer I want one of these paint dryers!

We pulled the stencil away, and behold! The text was afoot. (Borrowing from Sherlock Holmes…random, I know, but I’m trying to post this by 5 p.m. and just have to go with whatever words come to find!)

After that, we embellished like crazy. Like I said, JennLin was super-sweet and generous with her embellishments. Thanks, JennLin!

lots of glitter love Glitter anyone?

The Finished Sign

So what do you think? Here’s a finished sign that JennLin is selling at University Pickers.  I patterned my sign after hers.

beautiful sign

My University Pickers Sign Classmates

Why take a class instead of just going to Youtube for sign-making instructions?

Look, if you’re a mom or a work-at-home kinda person like myself, you’ve got to get yourself out of the house…Can I get an Amen on that?

I went in to create my beautiful sign at University Pickers, not knowing a soul. I came out with some new friends! I asked all of these fabulous, beautiful ladies who would prefer me not to photograph them for the blog post, and not one raised their hand!!! Isn’t that amazing?

My seat-mate is this amazing mom from North Dakota…a military mom who began taking University Pickers class to find friends in the crafting community. I told her the only things I know about North Dakota is that there are a lot of good jobs there and Laura Ingalls Wilder lived in DeSmet, North Dakota.

She was cool with that. I think we’ve all got our biases about certain states in the Union. Sometimes people think that life in Alabama isn’t that cool, but it really is! Anyhow, here’s a big shout-out to my new friend, Tammy! Big hugs!!!

fellow crafters Tammy from North Dakota.

More Beautiful, Creative Sign Pictures at University Pickers!

Don’t forget to send me a little message to let me know what you think! Bloggers love comments! 🙂

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Huntsville’s Old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store — Dusty Wood into Vintage Treasures

The other day, I posted Huntsville’s Old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store — Part I.

Here’s the second part of the story, where I turn dusty wood into vintage treasures!


The Project

I first brought all those wooden treasures home in the back of my car. It drove me nuts, because they bumped and jangled all the way home. (Because bumping and jangling stuff in my car drives me nuts.)

I didn’t stop to shift the wood because I was too excited to slow down, visions of my Flea Market Flip-esque project dancing in my head.

Once at home, I dragged Lefty (my left-handed, left-brained husband) and Princess Buttercup (my adorable daughter) out of the house to see what I’d bought.

They were over-the-top excited for me.

I made that last sentence up.



Cleaning up the Wood

My first step was to sand the dusty wood. Sanding went a long way in cleaning up that wood.

I pulled out rusty nails with Lefty’s hammer, nicking my left palm in the process.

(Stay tuned for my Lock-jaw post to be posted in a week or two!!!)

Next, I went to the store and buy wood cleaner. Except, I couldn’t remember what the stuff was called.

“May I help you, Ma’me?” asked a man at a computer.

“Yes, I would like wood cleaner. I know what it looks like, but I don’t know what it is called.”

Interesting wooden drawer, now cleaned up.

The man typed in “wood cleaner.” His two colleagues were punching each other behind his back. I wanted to say, “Hey, boys! Knock it off! I’ve got an amazing DIY project on the line, here!” But I maintained my southern manners and bit my tongue.

“Do you mean,like, hardwood floor cleaner?”

“No. Nevermind. Thanks anyway.”

I’d seen that stuff before. I’d used that stuff before. As much as I hate hunting for stuff, especially in one of those big warehouse stores, I decided to search on my own.

I finally found it! Murphy’s Oil Soap!

Back to the house I went, purchase in hand.

Anyhow, after the wood dried, I tried to paint it with acrylic paint.

No good. It looked like a Kindergartener’s work.

Wood Painting Class at University Pickers.

But here’s the good news…Today I signed up for a sign painting class at University Pickers! I’m well on my way to creating beautiful home decor with sweet quotes and Bible verses for Sweetgum House!
More to come on how I turn dusty wood into vintage treasures from Huntsville’s Old Harrison Brothers Hardware Store…

This is what I want my sweet home decor signs to look like.  I got it at Mill Clothing Company.

More Home Decor Ideas.

I got a lot of terrific suggestions about how to turn my dusty wood into vintage treasures.  What do you think so far?

Dusty wood crate into wall art.  I haven’t hung it yet.  I’ll have to get Lefty to put it up for me if I can figure out the best place to hang it.  Or I may turn it into a coffee table.

Dusty wood crate into fire wood box. I got all the firewood from the forest at Sweetgum House.