Celebrating Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary!

Today we are celebrating Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary!

I am so proud of them, I can’t even…!

On one of their anniversaries, my brother and I (with our families) took them out to eat. The server asked my parents, “What is your secret of a long marriage?”

Commitment,” replied my Dad.

I agree that’s part of it. A big part of it. But as Lefty and I approach our 20th wedding anniversary in June, I now feel qualified to dole out some advise of my own.

Mom at the boat launch.

Keys to a Long, Happy Marriage

First, I believe that you have to genuine like your spouse. Likeability takes a couple a long way during the ups and downs of marriage. If you don’t like the guy as a person, you can just forget it before the “I do.”

Second, couples who share the same faith start out with similar values. Even if you don’t have faith, at least share the same values, or you’re really going to find yourself in a mess when trying to raise children.

Third, determine to stick it out for the long haul. I guess that is the same thing as “commitment.” (On a nutty side note, I can’t even spell the word commitment. I never can remember if I double the t’s, the m’s, or both!)

Fourth, be nice. Determine to put the other’s needs first. If you’re putting his needs first, and he’s putting your needs first, then both of you get treated really well.

Fifth, bathe your marriage in prayer. Actually, this should have been first on my list!!!

Sixth, have fun!

I hope these pointers help and we can all celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary.

Congratulations Mom and Dad!!!


2 thoughts on “Celebrating Mom and Dad’s 50th Wedding Anniversary!

  1. I agree on all points. The Squire was an office-friend for quite a number of years before we even started dating. We had all the rough edges worn off, so to speak. We did not belong to the same denomination when we started going together, but he really liked my church. When my godson got married, I gave them a framed plaque, done in paper cutwork.

    “Marriage is not so much as matter of finding the right person, as being the right person.”

    • Thank you! I was a family studies major and had wanted to be a marriage counselor. Even back then, I knew that I had absolutely no experience in marriage, so how could I counsel others? Nearly 25 years later, I feel up to the task, but now I’m a writer. At least I can dole out advise from the written word, right?

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