Reuse your Christmas Tree

‘Bout time you took down that Christmas tree, don’t ya think?

I know, I know…it’s sad to see the tree come down, but here are some fun ideas to reuse your Christmas tree so you can extend your enjoyment into 2018!

Christmas Tree with birdseed

Becky’s creative Christmas tree upcycle idea.

Bring in the Birds!

I got the idea for this Sweetgum Life blog post from my friend Becky, who posted her upcycled Christmas tree on Facebook.  Simply take your Christmas tree outside and decorate it with edibles for your little feathered friends to enjoy!  I could not love this idea more!  You know how I’m all about recycling, upcycling, and reusing, right?

Okay, I confess…my Christmas trees are artificial, so I drug one in off the street to recreate Becky’s idea of using the tree as a bird feeder.  Ha!  I’m trying to imagine my neighbors’ faces if they saw me dragging the tree from the road to my forest outside Sweetgum House.  They probably thought, “There she goes again!”

Becky’s idea is easy-peasy to do:  Simply coat pine cones with peanut butter and cover it with birdseed.

Becky used pine cones…I used sweetgum balls (because that’s how we roll at Sweetgum Life!!!)

Find the Fish!

When I was growing up in rural south Alabama, we had a big pond in the pasture behind our house.  If you have a similar arrangement, dump your tree into the pond…it will make a great fish habitat.  You may also be able to donate it to the US Fish and Wildlife Departments as suggested by Eric at Wide Open Spaces.

Salute the Squirrels!

Lindsay at Social Moms recommends leaving your tree out as a squirrel or rabbit home.

Here’s where You Come in!

I know there are plenty of you creative-thinkers out there with ideas of your own! What are your creative ideas for reusing your Christmas tree? I’d love to hear from you!

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5 thoughts on “Reuse your Christmas Tree

  1. So for those of us who use the artificial tree; here is an idea a friend of mine uses. First of all, she has the perfect spot in the formal dining room for her tree. She leaves it up year round and decorates it for every occasion. Presidents Day, Valentines, Easter, Mother’s Day, Graduation, Someone in the family’s birthday. Anyway, it is always interesting to see what she has decorating her tree. I don’t have that kind of time or energy to change a decorated tree out that often but it is a fun idea I thought I’d share.

    • Thank for sharing, Kimberly! What a great idea!

      We missed our plastic skeleton when we put up our Halloween decorations. So we named him Mr. Santa Bones and he hung out with our Elf(s) on the Shelf this Christmas.

      The elves would hide…Mr. Santa Bones would hide.

      After Christmas, I said to my family, “All right–Mr. Santa Bones has to go up into the attic with the other decorations.”

      I haven’t seen him since! 😉

  2. We also have an artificial tree. The thing is over 6 feet tall, and won’t fit in the living room. (The Squire bought it on sale a couple of years ago.) It lives on our front porch, but it’s all I can do to get the ornaments off on Epiphany; it doesn’t get dressed for Easter.
    That being said, you have some great ideas for reusing a real tree. I’ll have to see if I can scrounge one up. One year, my first husband – The Late and Unlamented – simply dug in his heels and wouldn’t go buy a tree. When the girls and I came home from church at midnight, there was a tree in the living room. He’d gone out after we left and stolen one from a lot someplace. (And yes, he died a natural death.)

    • The tree died a natural death…or the your first husband?? Just kidding! Our artificial tree is also a wee bit big for the house. Oh, well. I refuse to shell out $200-300 for a smaller tree, either. Thx for stopping by! 😉

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