Fall Time!

It’s a beautiful fall morning and I plan to get out there with my little Nikon d7000 and take bunches of photos for today’s post.

My computer has been stricken for the past month or so, but Lefty (my left-handed, left-brained hubby of 19 years) went in and bought us some more time with our machine by…Uh, I don’t know what he did.  I just know that it works just fine and isn’t slow as molasses now.

Anyway, I just wanted to send out a post letting you all know that I’m still around.  We also hosted a youth group devotional at our home on Sunday night.  So we’ve been cleaning our little Sweetgum House like crazy!!!

Ok, so I’m off to photograph.  Hopefully, I’ll have some pretty fall photos to post this afternoon.



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