We’ve got #Shiplap!

My little reading nook.

I’m such a crazy fan of Joanna Gaines and her shiplap! I had to have some.

Unfortunately, I really don’t have an old farmhouse with shiplap hidden under some dated 1973 wood paneling.

So I made my oooooooooown! [Picture me singing this last word!!!]

Nope! My house was built in this millennia. I’ve got #sheetrock!

And one day, I will probably need to sell the place…some time in history when shiplap is no longer voguish. Therefore, I don’t want to nail up tongue-and-groove boards to my wall. And Lefty certainly doesn’t have time to make my shiplap dreams a reality.

No worries, I took my roller, white paint, and painted the walls white. Then I drew lines over the paint to look like the grooves in the boards. Finally, I used acrylic paint to do highlights and shadows.


What do you think??

I think I’m going to do a tutorial blog, so stay tuned!

My fake shiplap!



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