Local Teen’s Life Ended Prior to Mission Trip — Hope during Tragedy

As you can imagine, our north Alabama community is crushed over the loss of Sparkman High School’s Sarah Harmening in the bus crash that took her life yesterday afternoon.

Even though I didn’t know the family, this just hurts.

A lot.

As a mom, I can’t fathom the pain her mother must be going through.


Why did this have to happen to a young girl who was going to help children in Botswana…who was going to do the Lord’s work and make an impact on her world?

I think Mrs. Harmening answered my question in the press meeting here.

Yes, it’s true that Sarah’s life ended tragically. And like me, you may wonder why God allowed it to happen.

This I do know:

The Bible says in Romans 8:28 that God causes all things to happen for the good for those who love Him and who are called for His purpose.

It doesn’t say that God causes all things to be good for His children, but God can turn around the worst circumstance and use it for the good.

Perhaps in sweet Sarah’s case, God is using her young life of service to teach others about Jesus. These were my thoughts when I listened to her mom bravely speak at the press release. People all over the world who see the release will be impacted by the Harmening’s faith. And young Sarah’s life.

See, Sarah can’t come back to her parents. But they can go to her. (2 Samuel 12:23)

May this bring them peace.

Matthew 19:14
Psalm 34:18
Matthew 5:4
1 Thessalonians 4:13-16
Proverbs 12:28


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