Happy Southerners Share Plants

One of the things that southerners do best is to share plants.

I ran into a very generous lady yesterday who gave me a ton of plants to install at Sweetgum House. Here we have purple basil (yummmmmm), variegated Privet, dill, and a type of weeping willow.

My friend told me that the Privet is actually kind of costly. I looked it up, and it was almost $50 for a 5-gallon container. Ouch! So, I’m hoping it does well from a cutting.

She gave me a rooting of a weeping willow that should be h-u-g-e in 3 years, if I take good care of it at the start. (Fingers crossed.)

Okay, so I know that it’s not just a southern thing to share plants. I’m sure the generosity occurs throughout the world.

What about you? Do you plant share?

(And by the way: That isn’t my friend’s house. It’s just a pretty home from the Madison historical district. I just liked all of their plants out front!!) 😉


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