Young Entrepreneur takes on Fashion Passion

Meet Courtney!

Good afternoon, Everyone!

I want you to meet an amazing young entrepreneur, Courtney Kimbraugh, who opened up a cute, trendy little shop in Madison on May 2, 2017.

The 20-something majored in journalism but found a passion in fashion merchandising after taking a post-college job at a Florence, Alabama boutique. She later became a manager of the store.

Courtney named her new boutique Mill Clothing Company after her grandfather, Milton, who passed away unexpectedly on December 24, 2017.

“I named the store, actually, before I even had the location, and it just kind of worked out that it was at the end of Mill Road,” says Courtney.

She sells clothing for teens and up (sizes 0-2XL), jewelry, and gifts.

Courtney says, “I want you to be able to come in and find a complete outfit here: your shoes, your jewelry, your clothes, so you’re not having to hop from one place to another to find bits and pieces of your outfit…I want it to be affordable for everybody, and I want everybody to be stylish in their own way but not breaking the bank.”

Courtney’s family is a big help with her business venture. If she needs extra help with the store, her family makes the short drive to Madison.<

She gets her inventory from different vendors when she goes to market in Atlanta. “I look for good quality but with reasonable prices.”

Courtney tries to buy local and support small businesses. For example, she has some shirts made by a lady in Florence, Alabama. The necklace that I bought was made from Lucy’s Inspired in Birmingham, and I bought some cards to use as thank-you notes from Never Lose Hope Designs out of Douglasville, GA.

Jewelry and note cards.

“I’ve been really welcomed into the community, here,” she says. “I appreciate that a lot. People have stopped by and been very supportive–even though they don’t know who I am…I’ve really enjoyed getting to know people, and I look forward to continuing to get to know people and having them shop here.”

Be sure to stop by and visit Courtney at Facebook or their website:




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