www.SweetgumLife.com February Blog Launch Extravaganza!

Dear Readers,

I proudly present our www.SweetgumLife.com February Blog Launch Extravaganza!

Every business day (Monday-Friday), you will have a chance to win wonderful prizes from some pretty amazing people!

Here’s how to win today’s $25 Fandango gift certificate that I purchased to launch www.SweetgumLife.com!

Please visit www.SweetgumLife.com, my new web site, to be a part of the contest.

I’ve not only got a new name and site, but now I also have the same name on Instagram and Facebook!

After several years of writing for www.thewritesteph.com, I’m going “self-hosted,” so I’ll only have theWriteSteph up for just a few more days. 🙂 Kinda sad, but upward and onward!