Can having a Baby Later in Life Equal Mom Longevity?


photo95-year-old lady and friend. New York World’s Fair 1939-1940 records.

Did you hear that actress Betty White turned 95 years old today?

Happy Birthday!

From info that I gathered on the Internet, she doesn’t have any biological children.

Which kind of goes against an article that I found on HealthDay News, “Do Women Who Have Kids Later Live Longer?”

So the study considers “older” maternal age to be 25+, relative to averages in the United States. HealthDay says that the average age for American women to have a baby is a little over age 26.

One of the researchers, Aladdin Shadyab of UC, San Diago School of Medicine says that women shouldn’t delay having children just for longevity’s sake. He says that they don’t really know why the stats show what they do. He also says that women of higher economic/social status could play a part in the results.

That makes sense, because women who are better educated will read up on the latest health news (very much like you are doing now!), and most women wait until college is done and have started a career before getting married and then having the munchkins.

My favorite part of the article is a quote by Steven Austad, scientific director of the American Federation for Aging Research and the chair of biology at UAB (University of Alabama in Birmingham). Woot! Woot! #lovemystate

Of the two-thirds left that were studied, more than half lived to 90. If you’re not in the longevity business, that sounds like it should be a lot — but if you live to 75, you have a good chance of living to 90,” says Austad.

Great news for those of us whose moms and grammas live(d) past 75 as well as those of us who had babies in our later years!

Ladies at World’s Fair photo:

Manuscripts and Archives Division, The New York Public Library. “Fairgrounds – Visitors – Elderly – 95-year-old woman and friend” The New York Public Library Digital Collections. 1935 – 1945.


What I got done; What I didn’t get done


Wall décor…to be finished at a later time.

I know this blog isn’t all about me (nor is life), but here’s what’s going on in the life of an average (albeit quirky) American housewife and work-at-home mom:

I know I promised that I’d post my art creation from the architecture stuff that I bought last Saturday at the Harrison Brothers’ basement. BTW, I forgot to mention that HB is an old hardware store. Located in Huntsville, Alabama, HB now sells gifts and merchandise from regional artists. Every 1st and 3rd Saturday of the month, they open up their basement from 10-Noon and sell architectural finds and other “old stuff” that people have donated to the Historical Foundation.

Today, I had wanted to Pin this art project but didn’t get to it at all.

School can be brutal. If I can spend just over $8 on one Friday to help Princess Buttercup’s day start brighter, then I will.


Before school, we went by Starbucks, and Princess Buttercup ordered a something-or-other Frappuccino with something-something-something that wasn’t on the menu. She told me that you can always order from their “Secret Menu” or describe your drink and they will make it per your specs. I didn’t know that. Now I do. I just ordered a latte.


Mary Kay hand lotion.

One of my good friends is selling Mary Kay cosmetics. You can order from her site right here. She’s such a sweet girl and great wife/mom/dau/friend, so please show her some economic love. She gave me this lotion set for Christmas, and I love it! I usually don’t have a skin regimen (bad, me) but this smells really good and my skin isn’t withering away this winter with the central heat and copious hand-washing.


Great Pearl Heist by Molly Caldwell Crosby

The Great Pearl Heist! Yes! Here’s the thing:
If I were an atheist, I would totally be a jewel thief. I mean that for real and have told my confidants that many times. After all, if there wasn’t a God (first of all, I wouldn’t be here) but might would make right, right? Even if it was intellectual might. I mean…not that I’m this great intellectual, but now I’m rambling…oops.

Being a cat thief isn’t a fantasy of mine, but art heists and jewelry heists make fantastic reads. Not only that, the book goes into the history of Charles Dickens’ London. Edwardian England is a passion of mine. I don’t know why mud-rakers and chiffoniers hold a fascination for me, but they do. Midway through the book and thoroughly enjoying it.

Last on my photo list are pictures of our doggies, Spike (2-year-old black Lab mix) and Snuggles (our lady alpha dog who thinks she’s queen.)

Since I refuse to post pictures of Princess Buttercup (because of privacy and also bc one day she may resent having her face pop up every time someone Googles her), I post the pups.

Hope you all have a blessed day!



Lab QB tackled by defensive alpha dog.

Wanted: Beta Readers


Over the past few months I’ve been working hard to get a new and improved web site going.

I’m still working on this and that and am not quite ready for the big reveal.

However, I really need some volunteers to check it out and give me their opinions.

Any takers out there? Please, please, pretty please? 😉

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