Still Pouring!

Hi Everyone!

I finally got finished homeschooling Princess Buttercup, we sold our home, Dad had a stroke when he and Mom were camping in northwest Arkansas, we went to Disney World, we made an offer on a new home (while we were at DW!!!), and now we are packing up the house.  Whew!  I’m exhausted just from all of the serial commas in the last paragraph!

It’s all just a blimp in the scheme of Eternity, so, it’s allllllllllllll good! I see God’s hand in each step of my life, whether good or bad.

Anyway, I want to give a great big shout out to my new readers from Arkansas and Missouri!

Hi, new Dear Readers!

Apparently, Mom gave my blog address to everyone who walked into Dad’s rehab room.  But seriously, I want to thank all of the staff that attended Dad while he was in the neuro-trauma ICU, as he transitioned to a private hospital room, and finally as he moved to the rehab facility. May God bless you all with His riches blessings for caring for my parents as they were far from home and facing a medical crisis.

Big {{{hugs}}} from your new Alabama friends.



P.S. I’m hoping to ramp up my blogging once we get into the new home and all settled.  I also plan to resume work on my novel that I began several years ago. TTYL!

When it Pours…


Mom and Dad at Arches Nat’l Park. Moab, Utah. 2010

Sometimes it doesn’t rain…it pours.

For example, we sold our house.  Great news, right?  Yes, I’m ecstatic about it!

A couple of weeks ago, April 27th, we woke early and started cleaning like crazy. Not that the house was particularly dirty or in disarray, actually. But the home inspector, the realtors, and the buyer were to be there at 8 a.m. to start a big home inspection party.

We were in the zone. Everything was going swimmingly, and I was just about to mop the kitchen floor in a frenzied cleaning coup d’état, 20 minutes before the inspection party arrived.

And then I got a call.

It was Mom.

“Your Dad had a small stroke last night.”

The world stopped at those eight little words.

Mom and Dad had gone on one of their wander-lust trips with their RV. I knew they had gone on a trip; was glad that they could just up and travel at the drop of their hats. I just hadn’t thought that much about it because April was at near-end, and our family calendar was full.

Funny how one little phone call can change everything.

As I listened to Mom explain what happened, I walked in circles–trying to process what Mom was saying while our realtor, the home inspector, and the buyer pulled into our drive.

I tried to pull myself together. I had to gather my daughter and our dogs into Lefty’s truck to take the dogs to board while Lefty stayed for the inspection.

Somehow I managed to drive the 7 miles and drop off our dogs. Somehow I managed to give Princess Buttercup her homeschool assignments while contacting family members. I absolutely prayed through the day while working out a plan with my brother of how we were to get from north Alabama to Missouri, where my dad was half-paralyzed in a neuro-trauma ICU.

I attribute the previous weeks and on-going weeks to God’s grace and prayer. Long story short, Dad is making remarkable progress, whereas, it was very touch-and-go those first few days after his stroke.

He has progressed, thanks to the grace of God, Mom, the incredible hospital staff, and the same rock-hard determination and grit it took Dto pick cotton to help pay for a college education, work a farm, and successfully take over ownership of my granddad’s country store.

I’m proud of my dad, just let me say.

And I thank God for all of you who have been praying right along there with us.


Dad is also an excellent horseman. Here are Poco and Skip, beautiful quarter horses that Dad trained himself. He had to sell them a few years ago because of his health.