I’m Here!

Hi Everyone!

I’m still here, but in rare form.  Our computer has been fritzy lately, and I blame it on Windows 10 that we loaded a couple of months ago. Fortunately, Lefty worked his magic and reloaded the whole thing. He called the Microsoft people–who were surprisingly easy to access–and it was ready to go yesterday.  YipEE!

Unfortunately, I can’t find my Photoshop Elements this morning, so I can’t add any pictures today. Here’s a word of advice: Never order software online.  I will never (“never say never”) do that again. Because I can’t re-load the software if it just disappears. Also, when I first got the software, I spent weeks going back and forth with tech support, trying to get the entire package, which included Photoshop elements and the movie-maker software that I purchased along with it.  Grrrr! I never did get the movie-maker software (can’t remember what it’s called.)

Anyway, I can’t get Lefty at work to ask him if he knows if I still have Elements.  (Lefty is my illustrious help super-port, if you haven’t guessed it.)

So, hopefully I’ll find Photoshop Elements hiding somewhere in our system’s netherworld, and I’ll get bunches of pretty photos up soon.

Wish me luck!