My Visual Journal

I’m loving this Visual Journal! I bought it at Hobby Lobby with a gift card that Mom and Dad gave me at Christmas.

Love it!


I’ve got a Journaling board on Pinterest where I collect ideas for the journal and the artwork therein.

I got this 100 Things that I Love idea from Liz Bernard, right here.


100 Things that I Love.

And I made this one from magazines and junk mail letters that I cut out and pasted together. I got the idea from Amy at Mod Podge Rocks!


Love Collage.

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The Emerald Ring

Here’s a quick, short story to keep you busy while you wait for there to be more snow (fingers crossed).

It’s not the most depthful (is that a word??) story, but maybe you’ll find it fun!

Thanks to Sydnynuririn, a kind eBay seller who allowed me to use the ring photo. You can actually buy the beautiful emerald ring here!


The Emerald Ring

A short mystery by Stephanie L. Robertson

It was a cold day outside. Sandy Bartholomew turned in her mirror to admire the big, blonde curls created by her stylist just that morning.

Tonight was going to be so much fun!

She waved a freshly manicured nails in front of her image and pointed her toes with their new pedi. It had been a long time since she and her husband, Joe, had enjoyed an evening out, sans kids, and it had been even longer since they had an excuse to dress us–really dress up. She couldn’t remember the last time.

But tonight, Joe’s parents were going to come watch the children while she and Joe attended a charity cotillion to benefit the hospital where Joe worked as a nurse anesthetist.

Sandy, mindful of her manicure, reached inside her lined dresser drawer for her grandmother’s diamond and emerald ring that would perfectly set off her lovely white evening gown.

Rather than touching the gemstones, Sandy’s hand landed in an empty space and touched the felt that lined the drawer.

Her thoughts quickly turned to panic, as she pulled the drawer out all the way.

Where was the emerald ring?

It wasn’t as if she had an abundance of fine jewelry. Most of everything that she owned was the costume or fashion variety. Besides her small diamond engagement ring, Gramma’s ring was the only expensive thing that she owned, and it was kept in a bank vault. After a morning at the salon and lunch with a friend, Sandy had picked up the children from Mother’s Morning Out. She had schlepped down to the bank, kids in tow, and taken the ring from its safe box.

And now, two hours after Sandy had emptied every drawer in her dresser, Sandy had been over every square inch of the master bedroom carpet on her hands and knees. She swiped her hand over her eyes and reached for a tissue to blow her nose.

Had there been a break-in? Think, Sandy, Think!

“Mommy, what’s wrong,” asked a sweet little voice from the bedroom door.

Sandy guessed that she must have looked a mess: sweaty, curls flattened, nails broken, eyes swollen, and makeup ruined.

“Nothing, sweetheart,” Sandy sniffed as her little four-year old daughter, Kimmer, came over for a hug.

It would be time for her little brother, Dak, to be waking from his afternoon nap as well.

Sure enough, the 2-year-old little boy came toddling into the room after his sister. Sandy picked up Dak and kissed his baby cheek, flushed from sleep. Dak patted her cheek and stretched to get “Down!”

Sandy exhaled. She would have to call Joe. She felt sick and was no longer in the mood to go to the cotillion.

“Mommy, I want my snack,” begged Kimmer.

Dak dragged one of Joes old hiking boots from the closet and brought it over to his mother.

“No, thank you, Dak,” said Sandy, who began searching for her cell phone to call Joe. “Kimmer, I’ll get your snack in just a minute.”

“Here, Mama,” said her young son.

Where was that stupid cell phone? Could she not keep up with anything?

She felt her pulse quicken as Kimmer’s whines grew more plaintive.

“Here, Mama,” Dak insisted.

“No Dak, I don’t want that…Kimmer, please, just give me a second and we’ll go get a snack!”

Sandy tossed pillows back on her bed and felt her temper rise.

“Mama!” cried Dak, and the two children’s cries reached a crescendo, hitting a pitch that broke Sandy’s resolve.

“I said, ‘No!'” shouted Sandy, grabbing the hiking boot and flinging it against a corner.

A flash of light ricocheted from the boot and landed at Sandy’s feet.

“Oh! There’s the hidden treasure, Dak,” said Kimmer, as she calmly retrieved Sandy’s family heirloom ring from where it landed on the carpet.

Kimmer patted Dak’s blond head. “I found the hidden treasure that you hid. What a good hider you are!”


RTR! We are the Champions!

Alabama_Crimson_TideWhen I was a little girl growing up in rural south Alabama, my brother and I could hear–clear across the pasture–my parents screaming and yelling for their alma matter’s football team, the Alabama Crimson Tide.

Chances are that Bama was vying for the 1978 championship at the time. I remember Mom later telling me in that gleeful voice of hers, “Alabama is #1!” I was happy for the team, but wasn’t that interested in college football at the time.

I remember dressing in my crimson and whites, seems like I had a Crimson Tide cowboy hat, walking down the hall of my Mississippi school to get to my classroom. I remember smiling in my get-up and getting giggles from classmates who really didn’t understand all of the hoop-la.

As time wore on, I gained a love for the sport and eventually chose to attend the University of Alabama and join their Million Dollar Band.

Needless to say, I was beyond ecstatic when I watched as cornerback Marlon Humphrey scoop up Adam Griffith’s kick, which led the university to win the 2015 national champions in college football on Monday night. Lefty, Princess Buttercup, and I were wild with excitement. It was what our local online paper,, described as a “gutsy” call by Coach Nick Saban. Roll Tide Roll!


Nick Saban on Jumbotron.

Our family friend, fellow church member, and dentist, Dr. Dave shared pictures of the game with me. Dr. Dave is also a fellow-alumnus of the University of Alabama.  Thanks, Doc!


Mrs. Doctor Dave and their daughter.

Dr. Dave’s dau is pictured with Derrick Lassic, who helped the Tide win the 1992 national championship, way back when I was a student at UA.

Derrick Lassic and Jenny.


Clemson fans. Clemson was more than a worthy opponent.


Woo-hoo!!! Lots of gold confetti!

The River City


“Steamboat Bill” Memorial Bridges

They call it the River City.

Can you guess why?

About 25 or so miles south west of Huntsville, the views of Decatur from the bridge are amazing as you drive into the city from across the Tennessee River.

I tend to be a bit imaginative. Whether consciously or subconsciously, I always think of my escape plan if some semi accidentally runs my car off the bridge. Unlikely? Of course, but a good Girl Scout is always prepared, right?


The train bridge.

I ventured onto the historical Bank Street with all of their unique antique shops. At the end (or the beginning, depending on your perspective) of the street is the old bank. The oldest bank in the state, according to some sources.


The old bank. In the foreground is one of several trees that they are planting along the wide street.

This weekend there will be the Festival of the Cranes until January 10th. Doesn’t that sound lovely? The brochure touts workshops, films, and special guest such as the Auburn University Southeastern Raptor Center Presentation–a can’t miss event for both kids and adults.


Random wall mural that I thought looked cool.

I hope you like the photos, and I encourage you to Pin, Pin, Pinterest all you want…It’ll help my cause, which is to creep out of literary obscurity with the novel that I wrote. It’s in it’s first draft, unfit for reader consumption, but one day…you know, a good Girl Scout is always prepared.


Random park bench that I thought was uber cool.


This is my magnus opus purchase for today! My brand new visual journal and markers! I bought this at Hobby Lobby and also met a new friend who seems to be as passionate about journaling and smash books as I’m about to be! (P.S. Thanks to Mom and Dad for the Hobby Lobby gift card for Christmas!)

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