Present Etiquette

Bridge_Street_TrainSo I was asking my college-aged niece about present etiquette the other day.

I asked, “Let’s say you have a present that you open. Do you ever feel a little awkward when you pull out the present, and you wonder if there’s anything else in the box, hidden away?”

My niece said that she totally feels that way.

I went on,”Like, do you try to dig in some more in case there’s something else? Or what?”

My niece gave me the perfect piece of advice that I can pass on to you, dear Readers:

She said, “You pull out the gift and go, ‘Oh, wow!  A (fill-in-the-blank for whatever the present is)!’ And then if they say, ‘Wait, there’s more!’ You keep going and say, ‘Cool! Look at this!’ and see if they tell you to keep going.”

So what do you guys do for present etiquette? I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Meanwhile, here are some fun pictures that I took at Bridge Street in Huntsville.  Guess who I ran into?!


A very kind Father Christmas.


Santa and Stephanie.


Lamp posts at Bridge Street Town Center.



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