Packing up Christmas Stuff and Avoiding the Post-Christmas Blues

Christmas_decorations.jpgIt’s that time of year when I have to pack our Christmas stuff away after having it out only about three or four weeks.

After all the presents are unwrapped and we’re heading into New Year’s Day, I typically get a big wash of post-Christmas blues.

No fun.


The bare, naked Christmas tree.

But over the years I’ve found a way to minimize the blues.

I find that if I invite kids over while I’m un-decorating (dis-decorating??) the tree, things are a lot more festive.

Yesterday, we invited a sweet friend over to hang out with Princess Buttercup while I took down the ornaments from the tree.

Her mom stayed a couple of hours and we talked over coffee and caught up on each other’s lives while the girls played. When the mom left to go run errands, I took down the ornaments and enjoyed shrieks of laughter and the sounds of girlish gab.

It made me happy.


No worries, I’ll get to bring all of these out next year!

Last-minute Shopping, and Heavy-weight Wrapping Paper


This morning while Princess Buttercup was in a class, I hurried in to a new store in Madison, Alabama called NEST Décor. I had to buy an ornament (or the like) under $10 for our church ladies’ ornament exchange Monday evening.  (Which will be lots of fun, as we play “Dirty Santa” and munch on Christmas treats!)


I won’t tell you what I bought, since (hopefully) some of my blog followers will be attending!


Anyhow, you definitely need to stop by NEST Décor, cuz I found something really cute there, and they’ve got lots of lovely last-minute Christmas (and other days of the week) décor. All of the Christmas décor photos on this page, in fact, came from NEST Décor.

While, you’re at it, I found some truly heavy-weight wrapping paper. Those of you who have a lot of presents to wrap know what I’m talking about. It’s nutty how some of the big box stores write “heavy-weight” on their paper-thin wrapping paper.


But today, dear Readers, I found some at T.J. Maxx that was really heavy-weight. WTG T.J. Maxx !

I will be sending a missive to both T.J. Maxx and the big box stores. One will be a “thankyouthankyouthankyou!” note, and one will be a “fire your marketing guys” note.  Not that I’d really want the marketing writer fired…that wouldn’t be nice, now would it?



Present Etiquette

Present Etiquette

Bridge_Street_TrainSo I was asking my college-aged niece about present etiquette the other day.

I asked, “Let’s say you have a present that you open. Do you ever feel a little awkward when you pull out the present, and you wonder if there’s anything else in the box, hidden away?”

My niece said that she totally feels that way.

I went on,”Like, do you try to dig in some more in case there’s something else? Or what?”

My niece gave me the perfect piece of advice that I can pass on to you, dear Continue reading

Magnolia Antique Gallery, Part II

Magnolia Antique Gallery promises a unique, 3-story, antique shopping experience full of impressive historical pieces such as this lovely Regency inlaid marquetry tip-top table (circa the 1700’s). Just look at the intricately laid work…if not for the sheen from my camera flash, your eyes could trick you into thinking this was 3D!

Florentine table, circa 1700's

Florentine table, circa 1700’s

Here is an eagle carved from hard wood. Look closely enough, and you will still be able to see hints of the original paint on one of the two 17th Century Italian Consoles for sale.

One of two 17th Century Italian consoles.

One of two 17th Century Italian consoles.

Console with original paint!

Console with original paint!

Unfortunately, my photography skills eluded me as I attempted to shoot an exquisite Florentine panel and scroll iron table. I can imagine finding the rare piece in a Florentine palace somewhere in Italy, but there it was…right in Fayetteville, Tennessee. Oh, if it could only talk, what stories would it tell? I hope that you will go look it up at Magnolia Antique Gallery’s website and Facebook page to see that can’t-miss piece of history!



Here is a lovely pine and apple wood country table from the Rhinelander area of Wisconsin.


These vintage hooded plantation chairs will carry you back home to 1930’s Key West.
Circa 1930's. Circa 1930’s.

Into Spanish Inquisition history? Check out these panels carved on the backrest of this walnut wooden bench:

Spanish Inquisition carved bench.

Spanish Inquisition carved bench.

Magnolia Antique Gallery carries these treasures, along with a gallery full of other finds that regular gals like me can afford! If you go, be sure to tell that that I sent you!

So what do you guys think? Which is your favorite?