Enjoy the Ride

Enjoy the RideWell it’s been a crazy, fun, busy summer!

We went to camp in Florida and tagged a vacation on the other side of it. Then, back home for the flurry of getting ready for school!

Tonight, I’m going to be a chaperone at church lock-in for our teenage girls. How much fun is that? It’s going to be a blast! Although we are usually such a laid-back family and try to not get too many things going at once, sometimes life just gets busy, and I have to just take events as they come.

And that’s why I love this “Life is Good” t-shirt so much. It’s soft, pink, has a lady riding a stand-up paddle board with her pup.

The slogan is pretty terrific, too:


Life is Good

Go Set a Watchman — Did You Guys Get It??

Go Set a Watchman!

Go Set a Watchman!

Did you guys get Go Set a Watchman?

I pre-ordered on my Kindle and it was on my devise on July 14th, right on schedule!

To Kill a Mockingbird is one of my favorite books because it takes me back to when I was a girl, growing up in rural south Alabama. Okay, so I’m not from Scout Finch’s generation, but it’s her childhood adventures that resonates so deeply with me.

share_a_cokeLike Jem, Scout, and Dill, I padded bare-footed all around our side of Highway 17 with my younger brother and our neighbor’s grandson Stevie. We grew up in a little community that had two general merchandise stores…one belonged to my parents and my mom’s parents before that. Whenever we got hot and ready for a snack, Mom would send us into the store to get a Coke and chips. Otherwise, we played out under the shade trees, rode our bikes to my grandparents’ house, and tried to stay out of trouble.

It was very rural, and summers were very long and lazy.

I’m not sure that I like Go Set a Watchman because it’s written through the eyes of a grown Jean Louise Finch, rather than the innocence of 6-year-old Scout. I’ve got a lot left to read before making a final judgment, though.

Summer seems to be slipping through my fingers; it has really been busy…

Manicure courtesy of Hughes Road Salon Studio

Manicure courtesy of Hughes Road Salon Studio

Speaking of fingers, I took Princess Buttercup for her first mani/pedi yesterday. Hughes Road Salon Studio gave me a generous gift certificate for writing and article for them. We loved it, and the service was amazing!

We ate ice cream…

And more ice cream! We tried out Subzero on County Line Road one Sunday night after church.

Princess Buttercup tries their homemade chips and cheese dip.

Princess Buttercup tries their homemade chips and cheese dip.

We visited Unclaimed Baggage in Scottsboro, Alabama. UnclaimedBaggage2015Summer

Cool display at Unclaimed Baggage.

Cool display at Unclaimed Baggage.

Princess Buttercup spotted this soda shop in downtown Scottsboro, where we had (you guessed it) more ice cream!
W. H. Pryne Drug Company

W. H. Pryne Drug Company

And we finally got around to visiting the brand, spankin’ new American Girl Doll store in Franklin, TN! The American Girl Doll sales people are so super nice. We’ll definitely be back, and I plan to include more photos and content about that visit, soon.


One of the cool boutiques in downtown Franklin, Tennessee.

One of the cool boutiques in downtown Franklin, Tennessee.