Your GPS is Oh, So Very Wrong

This explains everything.

This explains everything.

There’s one more picture (which deserves its own feature post) that I took when we visited the Highlands.

First, a quick backstory.

So my parents’ cabin is a skip and a hop from this small town in Tennessee. I mean, this town is small. It’s on the map, but I think it’s virtually a ghost town, but people still live therein.

There is a bit of a town block, if you will…a row of those old, turn-of-the-century brick buildings, which really would look nice if someone had the money and inclination to restore them.

Every time we go through that town, as it were, our GPS goes nuts and gets scrambled. “Re-calculating. Re-calculating!” it warns. And we’re like, “But you told us to go this way!”

Well, I think we’ve all been vindicated. Check out the new sign that they put up!


2 thoughts on “Your GPS is Oh, So Very Wrong

  1. That’s funny! We lived in a house a while back that was on a dead end. OLD maps show the road continuing to a highway. It didn’t. The road ended as a loop for our driveway! We had everyone from UPS to the Sheriff’s office coming to our door to try and find how to get to the other side.

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