Southern Comfort Food

It's true that I like grits...but I'm wondering why I found three bags in my house.

It’s true that I like grits…but I’m wondering why I found three bags in my house.

Someone recently mentioned the word “okra” and my husband I simultaneously shuddered.  “Ewww!”

There are just some southern foods that are just not comfort foods, IMHO.

When I was a girl, I would periodically sit around the porch and help either set of my grandparents and aunts and uncles shell peas from their gardens.  I would shell a few and pop the fresh goodness into my mouth.  “You’ll get sick!” they would warn me.  I would shell a few more peas and then skip off to play.  I never did get sick, but I almost did while eating cooked black-eyed peas.  Those things were gross!

I knew at a young age–and still think so to this day–that peas are much better eaten raw.

Grits, on the other hand…  Grits are wonderfully smooth, buttery, and delish.  And no one could make fried chicken like my Grandmother.  She (and now my mom) could make the best cornbread around.  Perfect in its golden roundness like it had been sculpted by an Italian master.

Now that’s southern comfort food.