Fall Colors

I took these photos last Friday when I went to see The Interior Marketplace in Brownsboro, Alabama. I think Friday must have been the peak for north Alabama’s fall colors. Hope you enjoy!

Fall selfie.

Fall selfie.

fall_leaves_walk fall_chapel
fall_textures fall_textiles



Steph’s Game Day Prognostications — Calling the Games

My Anthropologie-inspired jeans.

My Anthropologie-inspired jeans.

So here’s what I’ve been doing while boo-hooing over ESPN’s Game Day human interest stories and cheering for the Crimson Tide!

These are Anthropologie – inspired (sorry, had to write it that way for SEO!!!) jeans that I finally got around to stitching. I love the rugged look of the denim along with the femininity of the pretty pink. Kinda like me and football: I’m a total girly-girl, artistic, and non-athletic–but I love me some good ol’ smash-mouth football. I do. I like to give my guesses and compare them to what Lefty thinks. I think Lefty could be a sports announcer. He will make a comment right before the announcers on tv say it. He’s good at calling penalties and has an impressive knowledge of the game.

I’ll betcha want to know who I think will get the job done today. Well, maybe you don’t care, but if you’ve read this far, then I’ll just go ahead and list my guesses. Not based on scientific evidence. Just what my gut says.

Here goes:
Bama v. Mississippi State – Bama gets it done. I can’t even believe I’m letting you in on this little secret, but I really hope State prevails. I mean, we’ve had our chance at national championships. We can share, right?

No. 9 Auburn at No. 15 Georgia – Auburn. Not because they’re #9 but because they’re mad about last week.

Missouri at No. 24 Texas A&M. Mizzou because A&M is beat up from last week w/ Auburn.

South Carolina at Florida. I think Spurrier’s Gamecocks will win. Although I now like FL better because, for one thing–Spurrier isn’t there anymore, because Tebow made me like them better, and because of my camp buddies in Florida.

No. 8 Ohio State at No. 25 Minnesota – I call it for the Buckeyes. It’s a shoo-in.

No. 17 LSU at Arkansas. Boy, this is a tough one. I think LSU is mad because we beat them last week, but I think AK will pull it off. LSU played hard last week and were worthy opponents, but I think they’re given out because of this. However, they are ranked. Toss up.

Well, time to go get some pizza because I’m starved after all of that. I pricked my fingers about 3 times doing my stitching but Princess Buttercup kissed my finger and now it feels better. Yep, I’m definitely a girly-girl.

Fall Cup of Joe at The Marketplace Cafe

coffee_mugNothing beats a hot cup of coffee on a cold day like today. And it is most definitely c-o-l-d!

Today I interviewed Margaret Baggett at The Marketplace Cafe’ near Hampton Cove. She served me a good cup of coffee, which took the scratchiness away from my throat.

Margaret is such an amazing young woman and entrepreneur. She said that she began cooking when she was 3 years old. And get this… it was lobster!!

I found out that Margaret and I graduated from the same college at the University of Alabama, except her concentration was in the hospitality field, while I majored in family studies. I also graduated about 20 years before she did, but who’s counting, right?

You know, I really enjoy featuring locally-owned and operated businesses on my site, because my parents had their own businesses (the farm and the store). So local businesses really hold a special meaning for me.

Not to mention, Margaret tries to stock the retail space in her store with goods from Alabama, particularly from north Alabama.

Imagine being under 30 and starting a new business in this economy. But the restaurant and catering business seems to be a hot field around here, and Margaret and her husband’s business is going strong.

I’ll have to go back and try their restaurant soon. And get more coffee.

The Marketplace Cafe.

The Marketplace Cafe.

menu1 coffee_flavors
Mmm!  Comfort food!

Mmm! Comfort food!



Bama vs. LSU!

Bama shaker. Bama shaker.The Crimson Tide is playing LSU at an away game at Tiger Stadium this evening.

I remember when we used to play LSU when I was in the Million Dollar Band at the University of Alabama.

Only 50 cents off, but any little bit helped. Only 50 cents off, but any little bit helped.

Prior to going to the game, the players had to practice with crowd noise roaring through the speakers so they could learn how to play in that kind of noise environment. Even we band members could hear their simulated crowd noise from our practice field about 500 feet away.

A couple of friends and me at Jackson Square. A couple of friends and me at Jackson Square.

I went on one band road trip to LSU. We loaded up about 8 Greyhound buses with band, staff, and instruments and headed to New Orleans, Louisiana.

Here’s a photo of me doing a no-no, waving from an escape hatch at the top of a bus. (Fortunately, the bus was parked, but I had friends that would do it when the bus was in motion!)
I really liked walking down Bourbon Street. The group I was with didn’t drink, so I am able to remember a lot about it. I liked the jazz floating in the air and the historical buildings. We ate at the Hard Rock Cafe and stayed out extremely late. The next picture is of my Parham Hall roommate and a napkin from the Hard Rock Cafe. I kept everything in my scrapbook!

Hard_Rock_Cafe_New_Orleans Hard_Rock_Cafe

You can tell that I’m tired by looking in my eyes in this picture.

It was a night game, so the band director made the guys march into the stadium on the outside and the women march in the middle of them. This was for our safety. Fans were notorious for harassing band members and trying to ring the sousaphones with plastic cups.

The stadium was so crowded that we band members had to be packed in, shoulder to shoulder. It was very stressful, actually.

Tiger Stadium was so incredibly loud, especially when they rolled their mascot–a live tiger in a cage–around the stadium. Those LSU fans went nuts.

I’m going to enclose some doodling that I did during English class. At that point, the Crimson Tide was looking to play in the Sugar Bowl. We did all go to the Sugar Bowl that year, but we lost to the University of Miami. We would later go back to the Sugar Bowl for a National Championship win in 1992.

Roll Tide Roll!

Me at the River Walk. Me at the River Walk.