Have a Boo-tiful Halloween!

Find this at Rabbit's Nest Florist and Gifts!

Find this at Rabbit’s Nest Florist and Gifts!

It’s overcast outside. The clouds are dark, gray, and heavy over the orange-tinted trees.

It is what I think of as a perfectly bootiful Halloween!

Tonight, Princess Buttercup will dress up in her Halloween costume and join her spooky buddies in a candy-grabbing frenzy. Of course, we’re all Southern, so it will be a very polite scenario. Lots of parents will be in the background calling, “Say ‘thank you!'” and “Don’t walk on the grass! Use the sidewalk!”

The “Boo” pumpkins in the photo is a creation from my friend who owns and manages Rabbit’s Nest Florist and Gifts: http://www.rabbitsnestflowers.com. (The display is on Rabbit’s Nest Florist and Gifts’ FB page.) I haven’t been in her store yet, but I’m dying to go. She posted her design on her Facebook page, and I called her this morning and begged to use it for my blog. I’m tempted to shirk my writing and go on over and buy it!

Anyway, Happy Halloween! Hope you other parents won’t get too full of candy that you take from your kids’ Trick-or-Treat bags as “parent tax!”

White is the New Stainless Steel

Magnets on our white refrigerator door.

Magnets on our white refrigerator door.

If you wait around awhile, a certain fashion will eventually make a comeback. As with the case of stainless steel appliances.

I don’t watch a whole lot of TV. Not much time for it and not many good shows. When I do watch, it’s usually on my breakfast or lunch break from writing. And it’s either Fox News or HGTV.

I am a home/garden design junkie! I am crazy about watching designers transform horrendous rooms or yards into works of art.

And I’m totally on to designers’ methodology of setting trends. (Well, at least I think I am.)

So for years I’ve seen nothing but stainless steel appliances installed into new, designer kitchens. You’ve seen it too, right?

Well guess what. Now they’re saying that white appliances are back in. (Actually, Kitchen Crashers that I just watched was broadcast in 2013…so I’m a year behind. You all probably already know this!)

Here’s my theory: Retailers do an about-face so that we will see what we’ve got, it’s so different that what we have, so we’ll feel the urge to go out and buy the new and trendy. Let’s say that instead of stainless steel, retailers went a shade darker in stainless steel. Or whatever. Nope. Too close to what consumers already have. So no one would want to go and lay down the money to upgrade. Just like flare and skinny jeans. Skinny jeans are in. I look at my flares and think, “Ugh…too early millennial. I need to toss them and go buy skinny. Lots and lots of skinny.”

Does my theory make sense?

So out with the stainless and in with the white. Right?

Lucky for us, we never went stainless. We’ve always kept our white from way back when. Sigh. Just when they sold me on stainless.

What do you think? Do you agree? Is it just obvious?

Poor, Neglected Blog

Hi Everyone!

I am still alive and kickin’! Princess Buttercup and I were in a play that ran last weekend and will run this up-coming weekend. Last week was “tech week,” and we survived! I also taught a creative writing workshop at a nearby library and had some writing deadlines, so I was operating in super-overdrive.

Hope to have more posts soon!