Southern Shots


When you think of the south, and Alabama in particular, what do you picture in your mind?



Hopefully you don’t think that we all don our 1865 garb and remember to grab our sun bonnets to run to Publix or Starbucks. Nor do we wear our overhauls (that’s what some old-timers used to call over-alls) to SEC football games.


Today, I took a few pictures that evoke images of an earlier time period. In Friday’s blog, I plan to snap pics of 21st Century south.







Our yards usually don't look like a spread from "Southern Living" like this one does!

Our yards usually don’t look like a spread from “Southern Living” like this one does!


Pulling up Word Count

I just now remembered to eat. It’s nearly 2 p.m., CST, and I must of had an exceptional breakfast because my blood sugar tends to plummet if I wait more than two hours between meals.

Now I’m busily munching on chips and a pbj sammie and relaxing after finishing an article…

When I was a girl growing up in rural south Alabama, my family and I used to pass the road maintenance crew all the time. The 11-mile stretch of road between Jachin and Butler, AL was always being patched because heavy logging trucks used the road to transport logs from the forests to the paper mill at Naheola.

I describe the driving experience in an article that I plan to sell to a local magazine.

I wrote the article last week, but today I was reading that the article needed to be 1,000-1,5000 words in length. Mine was about 650. Yikes! So I spent about an hour pulling more narrative and descriptors out of my head.

Hard work, that.

It’s always easier to subtract words than to add. Words of wisdom from my high school English teacher.

Buddy’s Tomatoes and Produce at Athens Saturday Market


Hi All!

I went back to Athens Saturday Market last Saturday (as the name of the market implies!). This time I got a bunch of tomatoes from Buddy’s Tomatoes and Produce. He has got all types of heirloom tomatoes from Cherokee Purples to yellow German (Something-or-Others). And a whole bunch more varieties.

He will cut into them and let you try before you buy, which is really a great idea. I tried the yellow German type last Saturday and then had to come back this week to buy one.

Mr. Buddy’s farm is in the west of Limestone county, and I read on his Facebook page that you can visit his farm on Thursdays to buy tomatoes. Yum!

Almost all of the tomato pictures are from Buddy’s Tomatoes and Produce’s FB page…He was nice enough to let me use his pictures.

Buddys2 tomatoes4


Suzanne’s Bakery is one of my favorite eateries in Athens, Alabama. She had a booth at Saturday’s market, too.

I was remiss last week to mention Tommy Friend’s jazz band. I can’t remember the name of the band, but I do know that they are amazing! Tommy plays the saxophone like smooth chocolate. The band plays continuously at the outdoor market–the sound of elegant jazz resonates throughout the pavilion. Perfect!

I’m including a photo of Mr. Buddy on a Massey Ferguson tractor; I have fond memories of my dad’s Massey, puttering in the hay field while we played in the creek during summers in rural south Alabama.

Massey Ferguson

Massey Ferguson

Buddy's Farm.

Buddy’s Farm.