One Week Removed from School

 Hi Everyone!

We’ve been out of school for one week, and it’s been great fun!  We’re staying busy, as you can tell by my lack of consistent posts.  I’m just sending you all another little online “letter” so that you’ll know that I haven’t forgotten my wonderful readers.

I have a writing deadline to meet, but I’ll try to find time to download and edit my photos from yesterday’s adventures.

Happy Summer!



Honoring Mr. Wilson on Memorial Day

The American Flag.

The American Flag.

Hi Everyone,

I’m enjoying the weekend with my family, and I hope you are, too!

On this Memorial Day, I am thankful for the men and women who gave their lives so that we Americans can enjoy the freedom that we have in the United States.

My prayers are for the family and friends that they left behind.

This Memorial Day is extra special for me. The father of one of my dear friends fought in the Vietnam conflict. PFC Danny Wilson survived Vietnam (I think, with injuries) and was able to come back home to live a full life with his family. I am proud to say that I met him on a few occasions and I attended his funeral about a year or two ago.

His family is now in Washington, D.C. to honor Mr. Wilson and 14 other service members whose names were recently added to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall.

May God bless all of you who are celebrating Memorial Day, minus a loved one who has died in a war.

And, as always, may God continue to bless America.

Can You Rubik?

RubiksCube2If you haven’t been on Google today, you may not yet know that Google Doodle is celebrating the 40th anniversary of the Rubik’s Cube.

I remember using my own money to buy my first little cube in the 80’s. I was oh, so excited. I eventually managed to get two of its 6 sides solved. Woo-hoo!

Eventually the little colorful square stickers started to wear off and the little blocks wouldn’t stay together; I was then off to the next fad of the 80’s, such as twist beads. Remember those?

Here’s a little bit of Rubik’s Cube trivia that I picked up from various sites such as and the Washington

The colorful cube was created in 1974 by Hungarian professor, Erno Rubik.

I think I had one of these triangle cubes when I was a kid, too.

I think I had one of these triangle cubes when I was a kid, too.

The cube was 6-sided with 9 block stickers per side.

The challenge was to mix up the colors and return them so that all of the correct colors matched up.

In 1980, the Ideal Toy Corporation began licensing the cube as a toy, and the Rubik’s Cube popularity soared. gives a timeline of Rubik’s history on their site. They say that the first Rubik’s Cube World Championship was in Budapest, Hungary in 1982.

According to the Washington, Mr. Rubik was able to solve the puzzle in a minute.

If you think Professor Rubik’s solving time is fast, just imagine solving it in 8.18 seconds! This is how fast Feliks Zemdegs solved it at the 2013 championship in Los Angeles.

How fast can you solve the cube?

Did you have a Rubik's Cube?

Did you have a Rubik’s Cube?

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