Picnic on the Shore of Gihon Springs Creek

Picnic by the creek.

Picnic by the creek.

Hi Readers! I promised that I’d dig up some pictures of the creek, and here they are.

The pictures of Dad, baby Ben, and me. Mom is the photographer. We’re on the sun-speckled shore of Gihon Springs Creek, having a picnic. Ben is about 6 months old, and I’m about two and a half.

I’m ready to take on the water, as seen in the picture. I still wear my long hair in a pony-tail 99.9% of the time. And I’m still always ready for a swim.


As I’ve mentioned before, the beautiful creek ran through our pasture and then emptied into the Tom Bigbee River, about seven miles away near old lock number two.

Still does, actually.

I just traced it on Google maps. In satellite view, I can even find white sandy beaches along the shore.

The Price of Eggs in 1981

School picture.  I don't think Mom bought this one b/c it isn't one of my best pictures.

School picture.

In 1981, the cost of eggs was $.69 a dozen, a gallon of Clorox bleach was $.73, and the sale price of a 2 liter coke was $.98.

On Friday nights, more than 55 million viewers were watching the cult phenomenon, “Dallas,” according to A.C. Nielson numbers.

I learned all of this from an April 29, 1981 microfiche of the “Huntsville Times.”

But the price of eggs was of no consequence to me, a young girl growing up in rural south Alabama. If we needed eggs, I would be sent up to the store, take some out of the cold box, and leave the store without paying any more than a friendly chat with whoever was working in the store at the time…since my parents owned the small market.

And I certainly wasn’t sitting around watching “Dallas.” Neither were my parents included in the Nielson numbers. The show was diametrically opposed to the values that we lived by. Therefore, verboten. Friday nights were for playing outside and later playing in the stands at our school’s football games, when we were much older.

So today I’m including a picture of me during this time period. I think this is a proof that Mom didn’t buy because the photographer caught me in between a fake smile and the start of a giggle. Not one of my finest pictures. I also have a clipping of a lock of my hair that I had trimmed and tucked into my scrapbook.

Blonde locks.

Blonde locks.

I plan to be writing some more this week, but it is just so hard to get back into the swing of things after being on vacation!

Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, an Amish Roadtrip, and Summer Fun

Dear Readers,

Thanks so much for stopping by yesterday. I had my highest readership so far at 103!
Lefty and I had a great time celebrating our 15th wedding anniversary. He came home from work really tired. So I suddenly had a great idea. I asked him if he would like to go to a nice, romantic restaurant instead of going to eat appetizers and see “Oz, the Great and Powerful.” He said that it would be fine. (We can see Oz later.)

So I quickly made online reservations to Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse downtown. We’ve never eaten there before, and I’ve heard so much about it. So I kept the restaurant a secret and kidnapped him to an undisclosed location. He’s a steak and potatoes kind of guy, so he was very pleased. We had chocolate cake and creme brulee for dessert. Yum!

Quick shout out to Ruth’s Chris: The food was amazing, and they treated us like royalty. I don’t think I’ve ever felt more like I had servants as last night. Great job, guys!

Meanwhile, Princess Buttercup stayed with my parents. Thanks Mom and Dad! They took her on a day trip to Eldridge, Tennessee to see the Amish. This morning, Buttercup was all a-talk about her trip. She even met a sweet, little pen-pal there. She brought me back some Amish peanuts. “Straight from the farm,” she declared. Mmm. They were really yummy and fresher than what you can buy at the grocery store.

Reminds me of when I was a girl growing up in rural south Alabama. Mrs. Trask, our childhood babysitter, had a big garden. I remember her pulling up dusty peanut plants and dozens of peanuts in their hulls would be clinging to the ends of the roots.

It also reminds me of the many pen-pals that I had when I was growing up. I met most of them at summer camp.

Well, I’ve got to go and do house work and run errands. Maybe I can find the time to find some pictures to post, later.

I probably won’t be posting next week, because we’ve got such a busy week of summer fun planned.

I’ll really miss you all!

Love, Stephanie

So Happy Together after 15 Years!

Lefty and me at our wedding.

Lefty and me at our wedding.

Fifteen years ago, at 2 p.m., I married my best friend and the love of my life.

I had moved to town a year before and was teaching sixth grade social studies and elementary school computer lab. We met at our single’s group at church and became friends. He offered to come and help me with some older computers that had been donated to the school by a local company. I didn’t know which of the machines could be used and which needed to be disposed of.

We started hanging out with each other with the other singles. I really didn’t think he was my type. But I think those handsome, brown eyes eventually worked their magic, and I’m glad that they did!

When we got married, our small local paper did nearly a full-page spread for our wedding announcement. Not because I come from an “important family” or because we are local celebrities…it’s just that weddings make big news in the small rural Alabama county where I grew up!

Here’s a funny factoid: Many of Lefty’s co-workers attended the wedding. One lady, who couldn’t be there, was looking at our wedding pictures when they came in. She asked Lefty, “Oh, how pretty! Is Stephanie wearing a hair piece?” When Lefty told me about that, I was like, Gasp! “Did you tell her that it was my real hair!” It cost money to fix it that way!

Another funny: I had hired a string quartet for the wedding music. They sat in the balcony of the church. I was talking about them to one of my friends, and she said, “Oh, you had a string quartet? I thought it was taped.” Gasp! String quartets aren’t cheap!

I hope you all enjoy my pictures and cheer with us as Lefty and I celebrate fifteen wonderful years together!

Lefty's dad marries us.  Lefty's brother is the best man.  My college girl friend is my M.O. H. Brother Ben is standing to the top, far right.

Lefty’s dad marries us. Lefty’s brother is the best man. My college girl friend is my M.O. H. Brother Ben is standing to the top, far right.

Songs that remind me of us. More pictures, included.


You Already Won Me Over (This really speaks of how Lefty and I ended up married, but not all of her lines apply.)
By: Alanis Morissette
I had no choice but to hear you,
You stated your case time and again, (Lefty actually didn’t ask me out…It kinda just happened!)
I thought about it,
You treat me like I’m a princess
I’m not used to liking that (Naturally, I like being treated like a princess.)
You ask how my day was…

You’ve already won me over in spite of me,
Don’t be alarmed if I fall head over feet,
Don’t be surprised if I love you for all that you are,
I couldn’t help it,
It’s all your fault…

Your love is think and it swallowed me whole,
You’re so much braver than I gave you credit for, (Huh?? Mark out this line!)
That’s not lip service…

(repeat chorus)

You are the bearer of unconditional things,
You held your breath and the door for me,
Thanks for your patience…

You’re the best listener that I’ve ever met,
You’re my best friend,
Best friend with benefits, (After marriage…)
What took me so long…

I’ve never felt this healthy before,
I’ve never wanted something rational,
I am aware now,
I am aware now…


Cheers with punch.

Cheers with punch.

It had to be You
Lyrics by Gus Kahn
Sung by: Frank Sinatra and Harry Connick, Jr.

It had to be you, it had to be you,
I’ve wandered around,
Finally found somebody who,
Could make me be true,
Who could make me be blue,
And, even be glad just to be sad thinkin’ of you,

Some others I’ve seen,
Might never be mean,
Might never be cross,
Or try to be boss,
But they wouldn’t do…

For nobody else gave me a thrill
With all your faults,
I love you still,
It had to be you,
Wonderful you,
It had to be you….

The fake throw.

The fake throw.


Imagine Me and You
By: Garry Bonner and Alan Gordon;
Sung by the Turtles, 1967—Knocked the Beatles’ “Penny Lane” from the #1 slot on Billboard’s.

Imagine me and you, I do,
I think about you day and night, it’s only right,
To think about the girl you love,
And hold her tight, so happy together…

If I should call you up, invest a dime,
And you say you belong to me and ease my mind,
Imagine how the world could be, so very fine,
So Happy Together

So happy together…

I can’t see me loving nobody,
But you for all my life,
When you’re with me, baby,
The skies will be blue for all my life…

Me and you and you and me,
No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be,
The only one for me is you and you for me,
So happy together…

I can’t see me loving nobody,
But you for all my life,
When you’re with me, baby,
The skies will be blue for all my life…

Me and you and you and me,
No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be,
The only one for me is you and you for me,
So happy together…

Me and you and you and me,
No matter how they tossed the dice, it had to be,
The only one for me is you and you for me,
So happy together…
So happy together…

How is the weather,
So happy together,
We’re happy together,
So happy together…

So happy together…
So happy together…
So happy together….

The engagement announcement photo for our local papers.

The engagement announcement photo for our local papers.